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On my soapbox

soapboxThe lady that cleans our house came to work today in a total state.  She had totally lost her voice and when I asked her what was wrong, she just burst out crying and said she had lost her voice from crying.

 Last year some time her 16 year old nephew was murdered.  At the time although really upset she was glad at least that the murderers had been arrested.  I could not understand the full story, but somebody seemed to know who had done it, or witnessed the murder or something.  Anyway, the perpetrators had been arrested and were in jail and could not make bail, so that was where they stayed.

That was until Tuesday.  At the hearing the magistrate threw the case out of court because of insufficient evidence or something similar.  The family of the boy is now devastated, they feel that this people have literally gotten away with murder.

It just really infuriates me!  Hazel and her family are decent hard working people who do the best for their families and the courts have failed them.  And it just seems to happen so often.  Files are “lost’, cases thrown out and criminals are walking free.  No wonder the police don’t seem interested.  When they do put in the hard work it is to no avail anyway.

Ok, I’ll get off my little soapbox now…  I just feel really bad for this family, it is hard to see somebody so upset and know there is nothing you can do to make them feel better!

5 thoughts on “On my soapbox

  1. That’s devestating — it really is.

    Here is my perspective, as a prosecutor: there are many reasons why the State decides to dismiss a case — insufficient evidence, witnesses who will not come forward, a bad search + seizure (constitutional violations). Sometimes a person can be guilty in the coloqual [sp] sense but not in the criminal sense. There are cases I have that I’ve had to drop (not anything as serious as murder) and I don’t like to do it, but sometimes I have to.

    That all said, I am terribly sorry for this woman and her family, and it’s a shame that the defendants will never be brought to justice.

  2. Agreed. When cases get thrown out because of poor police work or incompetance, it is devastating.
    However, there are two sides to every story, and I wonder if Hazel’s family have been told the full truth about what has happened.
    Which, if they haven’t, is a failing in itself.

    May I pass this on to my acquaintance at the PE Herald? Maybe they can find some more answers for Hazel and for you.

  3. Hanlie – yes, very.
    FF – especially because there was no way I could consol her.
    Tricia – I hope there was a valid reason. It just seems in South Africa that it happens all to often. Files get “lost” and cases get thrown out.
    6000 – it is always difficult to fully grasp what has actually happened, especially when somebody is as upset as she was. I am sure there was probably a “valid” reason. Thanks for the offer though.

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