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Plans for the weekend

I am quite looking forward to this weekend – but then I pretty much look forward to every weekend. 

Tonight though we are going to watch another Centrestage show – ABBA – which should be good.  It has received great reviews and should be a good sing along and dance to show. 

I will try not to dance too much though as I have a ½ marathon tomorrow morning.  I am not going to try and break any records, but I am going to see how I do.  It is my favourite distance of a run, hopefully though the weather improves.  I don’t really feel like running 21.1km in the rain.  But I can’t complain.  We really need the rain. 

Then there are also the books that I bought yesterday.  I have started 2 of them so might be rather anti social for a while.  One is fiction and the other non-fiction, so I am balancing out trying to learn stuff with enjoyment.  Although at the moment I am enjoying reading the non-fiction more.  But it might just be because it interests me more at the moment. 

The two books are Seth Godin – Meatball Sundae, which is about marketing and stuff.  The other is Ken Follet’s World without End.  My all time favourite book is Pillars of the Earth, and this is the sequel.  I will let you know how I get on. 

While I was ordering books I also ordered two more of Seth Godins books, Purple Cow and Free Prize inside.  I should have enough reading material to keep me going for at least a week.