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Weekend update

This past weekend I actually got up to quite a bit – besides painting the bedroom.

On the Friday night Mr OL and I went to watch Centrestage put on ABBA – it was great.  We went out for pizza first and it felt like a “real” date, dinner and dancing (how sad am I). 

On Saturday morning I ran a half marathon – and it was FANTASTIC!!!!  It is the first time that I have run with people from start to finish and I really enjoyed it.  There were moments when I thought they would drop me but I managed to hang on.  All 4 of us managed to finish in just under the 2 hour mark – a new personal best for me (1:59:25) and one I am very happy with.  It is a whole 25 minutes faster than I have run a half marathon before.  I am sure the weather helped quite a bit, as did the course but still.  That is quite an improvement!

On Sunday morning it was Mother’s Day and we decided to have breakfast at my place; my mom and brother came round.  We really missed my sister, but had fun anyway.  I love arranging breakfasts!  Probably comes from my days of running a guest house! 

The less said about Sunday afternoon the better – lets just say I know what I will be doing this weekend.