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Can you spot it?

The “Lucky” and the VW Golf 6 advert – yes, again! 

I am going to post this advert again, but this time watch it closely….  What do you see? 

I was watching it last night on TV (and still love it) when I noticed a slight inconsistency.  Can you spot it?  We have PVR so I was able to rewind and see if I had seen what I thought I saw.  I suppose that is the problem if you watch something over and over. 

I won’t tell just yet, write in the comments if you think you know what it is.  Who knows, there might be more than one, but I only saw one – although I was not specifically looking for flaws.

I also want to say though that I still think this is an amazing ad and story and the work that they do is great and once again, here is the link to the organisation – N/a’an ku sê Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary.