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Finally figured something out.

Ok, little bit more on my “something new”.  And I do realise that this is not going to be as exciting for anybody else as it is for me so sorry to get you all guessing.  And 6000 – it has nothing to do with kids!  At least not any future kids of mine. 

I am one of those confused people – I don’t know what I want to do with my life or career.  I took one of those aptitude tests when I was younger and it was NO help what so ever.  I have also done tests that see what side of the brain you use most and see if that would give you some direction – no good!  I apparently am good at almost everything but don’t excel at any one thing and I think and use my right and left sides of my brain equally.  I am not talking maybe 49% and 51%, I am talking 50/50! 

However, although I don’t know what the specific “job” should be I know how I should feel doing it!  And I have FINALLY realized how to get that feeling.  I need to do something that benefits others.  The closest I have come to that feeling was when I worked for a charity organization in London. Although I was not overly enthusiastic about the job at least I could go to work and know that what I was doing was making a difference.  Now again with the kids from the children’s home; I feel good when I go there.  In fact, I have left a job before where I was getting the exact opposite feeling.  The company I worked for was “stealing” (not literally) from the people who needed help the most and I could not work at a place like that.  

I also don’t like working for somebody else, I like working where I feel valued, where what I do counts and where I can be creative.  The solution – do something on my own! 

So how am I going to achieve this?  That I still need to figure out, but I have a pretty good idea.  It will be part time initially (because there is no way I can afford to leave my job) but hopefully as time goes by it will be successful, and in the process benefit not only myself but others around me who need it most. 

The strange thing is that I mentioned the idea to my brother, and he showed me stuff he had been working on and it almost identical.  So it turns out I have a business partner already – but no business….. 

Now I just need to finalise the details, get the support of a few corporates, get …. phew my “To-do List” is beginning to seem endless.  Just as well I like lists!

6 thoughts on “Finally figured something out.

  1. Selected quotes:
    “…do something on my own.”
    “…so now I have a business partner.”

    Does not compute. Error.

    Seriously, you need to be on top of your game when starting a new venture. This is no time to be having kids.

    Or is it?

  2. Oh, that is exciting! I can so understand where you’re coming from, because I have the same issues.

    Do you know that the 50/50 brain is extremely rare? There are not many of us! I think this is one of the reasons why I’m so reluctant to get a job… I really don’t want to do what I used to do and for me it’s all about finding my passion now. But my passion will cost money to pursue and I just don’t have the money! Catch-22.

    Get cracking with those lists… There are enormous opportunities to do good in this country.

  3. 6000 – enough about kids already!!! They will come when they are meant to. If that is now or later then so be it.
    Hanlie – I know, it is very frustrating! I think this is going to be the only way I will be happy with what I do.
    Lynette – thank you, I will do that.
    Del – thanks.

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