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Sitting in reception!

So I am sitting at reception this afternoon – should be relatively easy.  Besides the Director and myself the office is empty.  Everybody else is at a Stork Party.  I don’t know the girl so I volunteered to act as receptionist so that the receptionist could go. 

At least I only need to know how to transfer to one person so I can’t really get confused. 

When I first started working I did a lot of temp jobs.  I was in London and took what ever I could get until I landed a job as a receptionist!  As a job it sucks (or at least I suck at it) and I take my hat off to anybody who can do it successfully and still remain polite and smile. 

After a very unsuccessful stint as receptionist in London I said NEVER EVER again.  When ever I went to a temp agency looking for work I only had 2 criterea.  It must not be reception and must in now way be related to anything medical (but that is a whole different story). 

Thankfully today is going better – I am getting supplied with cupcakes and snacks so all is good!

8 thoughts on “Sitting in reception!

  1. I suppose I did not really think of working at the guest hosue reception as reception because it was so different and I loved it to. But corporate – or actually my worst at a drug rehab centre!!! urgh! But today I survived.

  2. I did a brief stint at reception of a VERY large drinks company when I got back into the job market after having my first baby – WOW. All i can say is that I take my hat off the them -it’s darn hard work – those switchboards are something else – especially when there is a staff complement of close on 1000.

    Hope you survived!

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