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I started this blog post so many times today and each time I have deleted what I wrote.  I don’t want it to sound about me.  I also don’t want it to sound like I am just writing something because, well, just to write something.

A top local cyclist died on the road yesterday – Kim Trzebiatowsky.  I knew her, although not very well.  I used to work with her and when I first started cycling I asked her lots of questions.  She was always so helpful and such a nice person.  One of the first things I asked her was how she dealt with the traffic.  I was terrified and wondered how others got over that fear.  She said she was always scared on the roads, and that was one of the reasons why she became a track cyclist.  I suppose now her fears were justified.  My heart goes out to her family and friends and especially her 4 children.  In this case I believe the motorist was not to blame, it was an accident and my thoughts are also with the driver.  

When something like this happens it really makes you think about the things that you do though.  It makes you really appreciate your family and loved ones.  It also makes you realise that cycling is a dangerous sport!  Do you continue to do it or do you live in fear?  I suppose you need to weigh up the odds.  I get to see places of our city that others don’t.  I get to see the mist over the lake on Lake Farm road early in the morning when others are asleep.  I get to see that bush buck drinking from stream at the bottom of Old Seaview Road without him running away because of a noise of an engine.  I get to see the sunrises and Maitlands and the other beautiful places just on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth that I would never normally go to and at times that I would never normally go.  I get to enjoy that feeling of freedom and excitement and the joy of getting fitter.  So do I let the fear of an accident stop me from doing all of this?  

Yes, I suppose by cycling I am increasing my odds of being in an accident, but I could be in a car accident on the way to work?  I could be walking along the road….. 

I suppose all I really need to say is my thoughts are with Kim’s family!

8 thoughts on “RIP!

  1. That is so sad. And unfortunately an all too common occurrence these days… I wouldn’t cycle on our roads, but that’s just me!

  2. It’s terrible. My DH always moans about the drivers on the road and how they have very little respect for the cyclists out there.

  3. It is shocking to hear such a thing and makes one wonder why some drivers are so careless on the road. Don’t let it put you off from cycling. You post of things you get to see makes me want to cycle as well to experience what you experience early in the mornings.

  4. Thanks all.

    It is a worry and I agree that there are a lot of motorists that do have very little regards for cyclists or other road users. However in this instance as far as I am aware it was not the motorists fault.

  5. I read about it the paper. Terrible sad news.

    One naturally wants to assume that the motorist is at fault because of the imbalance of car vs bike, but it is very important to get the facts before jumping to these conclusions. It should make people aware that accidents happen quickly, to anyone, and that we should not become complacent on our cycles.

    No, it should not put us off from riding – only make us more aware.

  6. That makes me sad. I always get nervous when running on country roads – I cannot imagine how tough cycling would be! You be careful out there, okay?

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