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Busy, busy!

I wanted to be busier at work and now I am – yippee!  (I think).


In other news Unisa FINALLY sorted out my degree.  I can now officially say that I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree!!!  Graduation is on Thursday in Cape Town.  Thanks for the advance notice….

7 thoughts on “Busy, busy!

  1. Damaria – thank you.
    Hanlie – thanks – finally……..
    Shayne – thanks
    Firefly – tell me about it. After nearly 5 months of me harrasing them to tell my why my degree was not completed they finally said it was because they did not have a copy of my marriage certificate and there for could not get my degree. You would have thought they could have told me that at the outset! They when they eventually decided they have everything necessary it is less than a week till graduation…. Not impressed at all.
    Melody – I wish!!!

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