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Ask a busy person

Why is it that when I was training for Ironman I could always make it to work on time if not early?  Now I just managed to run through the door on time – not late (well except for yesterday) – but never early? 

Yes, I was getting up much earlier but I was also doing so much more?  I would drive to meet my friends, cycle for nearly 2 hours, drive home, shower, change etc… If my maid was coming that day I would put the washing in the machine, sometimes early enough to get two loads done.  Today, she had to do it because I was too late.  What the heck is going on?

7 thoughts on “Ask a busy person

  1. Yip – that one baffles me as well…. I have begun to think that my socks and my two prong plug adaptors are all off somewhere with each other? Maybe along with my teaspoons for a bit of a threesome.. Where do those things dissapear too???

  2. I soooooo know about that. I seem to be more organised when I am racing around like a chook with my head cut off – weird really.

  3. My mom always says “work spans the time alloted.” If I have a ton to do, I get it all done… if I have only a couple things to do…. I don’t do it.

  4. Kathy – odd isn’t it!
    Tricia – same, I put it off and off and off, until I have list to do and then seem to get it all done at once! Nothing like a bit of pressure.

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