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The good, the bad and the very ugly.

In the past week I have had one of the best and one of the worst dining out experiences in PE. 

I will start with the WORST – just to get it off my chest (which as a pleasant side effect of pregnancy seems to be growing by the second) 

The worst – Barney’s at the beachfront!  DON’T go there.  Or at least don’t go there until they get a new manager.  There was a combination of things that went wrong, from Mr OL not getting his food until everybody else had finished eating, all of our food was cold.  The one girl sent hers back 3 times to be heated up and each time it came back as cold as it had left.  The child’s food, which should have been at the table first came second last (just before Mr OL’s).  When she did get it the roll was frozen and the rest was so terrible she did not eat it anyway. We never got refills on our drinks and when we eventually got hold of the manger to complain his attitude was SHOCKING!!!!  He said he was not aware there was a problem and the waitress was new.  Uhmm, ok but that does not explain the nearly frozen burger roll or the icy cold chips or most of the other problems.  We told him that people would not come back if the service and food was this bad and his words, along with a shrug of his shoulders and a smile were “We have open a long time”  As if so what, people come back anyway.  SHOCKING, SHOCKING, SHOCKING! 

Then the good experience. And an experience it was.  The restaurant was Cubata.  It is in a ‘bad’ part of town, the décor was shocking, the service (initially) sucked, the table we had booked was taken but after the meal and the experience all was forgiven.  It was FANTASTIC!  It is a small, family run Portuguese restaurant that only seats about 30 people.  It is not licensed so you need to bring your own.  They only serve grilled chicken (peri peri or not), prawns, spare ribs, calamari and chips.  We tried ordering from the menu and the owner said we should just let him bring us stuff.  So we did.  He brought platters of ribs, chicken and prawns (you pay for these each so tell him how many you want – they are huge so we said 2 each).  He also brings you fresh rolls and big plates of chips.  You just pass along help your self and eat!  The food was some of the best I have ever eaten.  It is simple and non pretentious.  Don’t go there though if you want a quiet meal or as a couple.  It is for groups, as it gets rather loud in there.  Don’t go there if you are not the lick your fingers type of person.  It gets rather messy and there are not enough paper serviettes to go around.  Do however go there for the experience and the food.  You will never want to order ribs anywhere else. 

If you do want to go, book well in advance. They are fully booked for nearly 3 months. They have two sittings a night and they basically KICK the first lot out at about 7:30, so if you want to hang about after eating try for the later sitting.  The people before us were basically kicked out, with half drunk bottles of wine in their hands as soon as they had finished eating.  But it is well worth it.  We booked again as we left, so will be going back in about 3 months time.

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Bad things come in three’s? Or maybe not.

Wow – yesterday was a sad day as far as celebrity deaths were concerned.  Especially if you were to believe 6000 – which you must NOT!  Probably ever, but I will leave it at that.  

Michael Jackson died as did Farrah Fawcett.  However, the news that Jeff Goldblum died was a hoax.  

So it is not just reports of stadiums collapsing that are forwarded or believed without proof.  Imagine waking up, turning on your computer and discovering you were dead.  Hmmm, I suppose no publicity is bad publicity and it seems that this is the amongst the top 5 searched items since the story hit. 

See the comments in the previous post for a video footage of the Jeff Goldblum “news report”.

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Please just check the facts first!

The people living in Durban will be very surprised to know that the roof of their stadium collapsed.  At least according to the numerous emails that I have just received.  Now forgive me for getting a bit grumpy about this but why is it that when something bad happens in South Africa it is automatically assumed to be true! 

Yes, there were photos to “support” this story.  But look a little closer, there is a track around the “soccer” pitch.  And seats with a club name on them.  This is the information age, so surely before spreading this kind of news the least you could do is check your facts? 

Yes, a stadium roof did collapse.  Yes, it was even this month (2June). But it was not in Durban or even South Africa for that matter. The stadium in question was in Malaysia.  It is amazing how quickly emails like this spread.  I have now received it from numerous people, all forwarding it to everybody in their address book.  

Does not even look like the Durban Stadium!
Does not even look like the Durban Stadium!
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A grain of rice

I like children (most of the time) and I am really happy to be having one but I don’t really do babies.  I don’t go all gooey over babies, I don’t rush over and pick them up, I don’t feel all that broody and I can’t really seem to get my head around that in just over 7 months I will have one. 

But I am realizing even more than babies I don’t do the whole pregnancy thing.  I don’t want to discuss the intimate details of what is going on, I don’t want you thinking that it is ok to feel my tummy and for pity sakes please stop calling me a pregnant fairy.  Also  I am not the type of girl that is going to get professional photos done of my naked tummy.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t see anything wrong with the girls that are into that I am just not.  I mean, my tummy has always been my worst feature, so why now would I suddenly want to show it off to the world.  

But in the interests of keeping my readers up to date here is how I am feeling.  Fantastic!  No morning sickness.  In fact besides feeling a bit light headed a couple of times and the fact that I already don’t fit into a pair of pants that I bought right after Ironman (what was I thinking anyway) oh, yes and a positive pregnancy test (or 4) I would not even have guessed that I was pregnant.  Long may it continue?  Although after reading this post back to myself, maybe I am a bit grouchier than normal???

I am going for my first scan on the 6 July.  At the moment apparently the “baby” is about the size of a grain of rice.  Wow.

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So I am going to try again – with a different company/person.  This time it is just a lady that has an industrial sewing machine and has a little “company” (herself).  Hopefully her service will be more professional!  I suppose it can’t really get any worse. 

I still have not heard from the first company. 

I have managed to make contact with a skill development organisation that takes on sewing work.  I will go and see them sometime this week as well.  Hopefully it all starts to come together.

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BAD Custormer Service!

So how is this for BAD customer service 

I had a meeting today at 11 – for my new venture and I needed to take samples of the items we want to make.  As I have not yet manage to find a community centre to make them I went to a company last week to ask them to prepare samples for me.  I had the material cut out and ready.  I asked them if they could make the items in time and they said not a problem.  I told them I needed them latest this morning 10:30 as I had a meeting to present these samples.  Then this morning when I phoned at 8 to find out how they were progressing and if they were finished they said they had not started them but assured me they would have them ready. The girl was not at the factory but was on her way in and would phone me back as soon as she was there.  At 9 o clock I phoned HER, she said they were having a bit of trouble with the material and she was out to buy a new foot for the sewing machine and would phone me right back.  I reminded her that my meeting was at 11 and so I need them LATEST 10:30.  She said she knew and would phone me back in a couple of minutes.  It is now 4:30 and I am still waiting for that phone call…….. 

At about 10:15 I called the guy that I was to have the meeting with and asked if we could postpone it to next week Monday. He said no problem so now at least I have a week to find another company to sew my samples for me. But how BAD is that!  She did not even have the decency to phone me back.

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Today, tomorrow and the day after

This was my conversation with Mr OL this morning. 

Me:  Guess what the day after tomorrow is? 

Mr OL: Sunday 

Me: Well yes, but guess what else. 

Mr OL: I don’t know. 

Me: The shortest day of the year, after that the days start getting longer again – yay!!! 

Me: Guess what tomorrow is? 

Mr OL:  I would say Saturday but what else? 

Me: My brother’s Birthday 

Me:  Guess what today is? 

Mr OL:  Friday 

Me:  YES!!! Yay 

Yes, I know – I can be annoying.  But at least I waited till he was out the shower and had woken up properly.

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I love Public Holidays!

On Tuesday, 16 June it was Youth Day in South Africa and this is how I spent it.

Sunrise at Hobie Beach
Sunrise at Hobie Beach


In the morning I woke up early and went for a run.  The sun rise over the sea was awesome, the run was great and the company was fantastic.  For somebody who has enjoyed running alone all these years, I have certainly gotten into group runs.  It was great fun, very social and the perfect way to start the day.  There were about 10 people running, one of whom was my brother.  There was also a couple and their 2 kids and another girl who pushed her 12 week old baby in jogging stroller.  We started at Hobie Beach and ran along the beachfront and round the back of the University.  We planned on going in the back gate, through the Varsity and back to the beachfront.  When we got to the gate though it was locked.  No problem, we all climbed over, passing kids, babies, prams and bikes over.


In the afternoon Mr OL and I went to watch the Southern Kings play the British and Irish Lions at our new stadium.  I think more people went to see the stadium that actually wanted to watch the game.  Besides being VERY cold it was great.  The stadium was very impressive!  I am very impressed.  They might need to work on their security a bit though.  After the game armed robbers came in and robbed the bar of the takings.  Here are some photos of the stadium.


All in all it was a fantastic way to spend a Tuesday.

Me - at the Stadium
Me - at the Stadium


Mr OL in front of the stadium
Mr OL in front of the stadium


Inside looking out towards the harbour
Inside looking out towards the harbour
NMB Stadium
NMB Stadium
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All coming together.

I am scared!  Nervous! And VERY EXCITED!!!! 

I came up with an idea which I made reference to here…. 

I started investigating the possibilities and things have kind of gotten out of hand – in a good way.  In a very good way! 

At the moment it kind of feels like a steam train that I have no control over  Usually when I say I am going to start a project I get all excited about it. Start investigating the possibilities and then loose focus or passion or both and it just kind of fizzles out.  This time I am just getting more and more excited about it, and it the people I am asking for support are giving it to me and more.  

What I want to do is not unique, in fact there are two other companies/projects making the same product in South Africa alone.  However I believe there is enough space (market) for all of us.  And if I can do this to benefit others (as well as myself) then so much the better.  I want to take a waster material, recycle it and sew it into different items.  Well, I won’t be sewing it. That is the part that I want to outsource to community skills development centres or similar places.  One of the other places making these products is a church in Johannesburg, the other is a full on business.  I want to combine the two? 

And here in lies the problem.  I thought getting the materials would be the problem. Turns out it is not too bad.  As it is “junk” companies are more than willing to give it to me. The problem is finding centres that are able to sew the products.  All the sewing centres that I have heard off have closed down and the ones that are still open are unable to sew the materials I want to use as they don’t have industrial sewing machines.  This is obviously a problem I am going to have to figure out.  I had better figure it out soon as it looks like I might have my first order… Yikes!