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My husband – the eternal optimist!

I am dreading going home today! 

Well, it’s not so much that I am dreading going home, more like I am dreading what I will see when I get home.  Mr OL had grass laid in our backyard over the weekend.  

The reason we needed new grass is because the dogs destroyed the old stuff.  A combination of digging and running left our backyard a dust bowl.  They had literally run a race track around our garden.  The track was about ½ a meter deep and was complete with steep cambered corners and everything – perfect if we had a little boy who needed a BMX track but not so good when you want a stylish back yard. 

My solution was to leave it – who knows maybe in a couple of years we would need a BMX track????  

Mr OL’s solution – fix it.  Hmmm, I am not so optimistic.  I think he has a short term memory problem.  I recall what happened about a year ago to my lavender plants, I recall what happened about 6 months ago to the newly installed irrigation system and I recall what happened about 2 months ago to my little tomato plants.  I fear the freshly laid grass is going to go exactly the same way as those things did.  Dug up and chewed!!!! 

So, when I get home and I going to find two “innocent” looking dogs covered in mud or am I going to be pleasantly surprised?


9 thoughts on “My husband – the eternal optimist!

  1. Melody – I decided I would post the outcome.

    Hanlie – done.

    Tricia – not really. I am slacking a bit at the moment. I am contemplating doing a marathon in August because I have not done one (stand alone) before.

    Bel – yes, they have.

    Maggs – I used to have a quite a nice backyard. Now I just concentrate on the front which is totally seperate. They have destroyed everything in the back. They seem to love the new look though…. Yip, more to destroy and investigate.

    FF – not as bad as I was expecting.

    6000 – a bit far but might be worth investigating.

    And just of the record Daisy was the first Border Collie in the history of the dog school to flunk… they said they were keeping her back a few classes but I knew what they meant.

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