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What us? Never!

The Picture of Innocence?
No me?
Not me?
Well the garden did not look too bad.  A few holes dug here and there but pretty much still intact. 
It turns out that Mr OL is not so much of an optimist after all.  He has ordered about 50 meters of road barrier tape to keep the dogs out of the newly laid grass areas.  It arrives today.  Lets hope the garden survives until he can block that section off.
The race track designers
The race track designers

7 thoughts on “What us? Never!

  1. Damaria – it took a while. Luckily they like there bed, so will sit on it. I cant usually get a picture of them anywhere else.
    Maggs – thanks and yes, if you want a track designed I have the perfect team.
    Charisa – I have heard it will get better when they are two years or older. So the garden will have to hang in for at least another 8 months.

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