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Creature of habit?

On Tuesday night I went and ran with the running club again.  It reminds me how much I miss running along the beachfront.  This is the view from the club house and was taken just before we went for a run. 

Perfect winter evening in PE
Perfect winter evening in PE

It was a stunning evening, if a little cold (as far as PE goes). 

We did 10km, mostly in the dark.  I think I must be a creature of habit, because even though I was running in a group I realized half way through that I had still brought my pepper spray? 

This photo is pretty much taken from the same place as my header.  Why is it that the sea is perfect when I am not planning on swimming?

6 thoughts on “Creature of habit?

  1. hanlie – ha, ha.
    Lynette – dedication seems to be slipping a bit at the moment. After all that training I am now a bit slack. Running seems to just be happening twice a week at the moment. But thank you, I will try and get back into it soon.
    Damaria – thanks
    6000 – I tried but spraying the backs of their heads is not that effective.
    Maggs – thanks.

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