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Edinburgh, our home from home?

My sister is going to Scotland this weekend.  I am very jealous.  She was there last weekend as well when she did the Edinburgh Marathon.  This time though it is just for fun.  Well she needs to be there for work on Monday, so thought it would be nice to extend her stay. 

Both her and I are born and bred South Africans.  We have lived in Port Elizabeth for most of our lives but for some strange reason while living overseas when ever we get homesick we head to Scotland.  It is strange that both she and I feel exactly the same way about it. 

Yes, my parents are from Edinburgh, but they moved to Port Elizabeth before I was born.   It is a very hard feeling to explain.  When I go to Scotland and most specifically Edinburgh it is like I am going “home”.  From my very first time there I felt as if I knew the place.  As if I belonged there.  It is the strangest thing.  

In the end I decided to live and work there for a year and although very hard for certain reasons I loved it.  It is one of the places that I miss most and that I would most like to go back to for a while, preferably during summer. 

Do you think the whole “ancestral” thing could be that strong that we feel like we belong there?  Or is it just because we were brought up on stories and pictures of the place?  My brother on the other hand feels no desire to visit?  (Maybe he is actually adopted like I kept teasing him when we were younger???)

Edinburgh from the Scott Monuement
Edinburgh from the Scott Monuement




My sister just emailed me the weather report for Edinburgh for the weekend.  I think I would rather take our winter’s weekend then their summers. Brrrr.  They are forecast Rain, rain and yes, and more rain!

7 thoughts on “Edinburgh, our home from home?

  1. It’s strange, I feel the same way about Bath in England. I wonder if our ancestral roots have got something to do with it. Quite eerie really!

  2. I love Edinburgh. I spent two weeks there once. Amazing history (well, any place has amazing history compared to the US). The ancient buildings/ruins were so awesome.

  3. hanlie – it is really beautiful. Just the hill there is a wee bit smaller.
    Gill – it is very odd. Must have something to do with it??
    Lynette – It is really stunning. Especially on a day like the one in the photo.
    Maggs – I know, SA is also a relatively “new” country. In PE I think some of our oldest buildings are only just under 200 years old.
    6000 – What can I say – I married into that name….

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