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Happy Birthday!

I don’t have much to write – so have been trying to decide… should I write about rubbish just to keep my blog up to date.  Or should I stay silent for a while till something a little more exciting happens.  I bet you won’t guess which one I decided to do? 

Yip – you guessed it rubbish. 

Well, not quite rubbish.  In fact not rubbish at all.  Thirty-nine years ago today one of the most important people in my life was born.  I tried to get all sentimental and gushy on him this morning but he was not buying it.  I am not a sentimental and gushy type of person but my life would be much less happy if Mr OL was not in it.  So although he does not want to celebrate today (to close to 40 I think) I want to celebrate today.  So – I am making him take me out to celebrate…. Ok, not quite.  I am taking him out to celebrate.  I am just not giving him a choice in the matter.  I will make a concession and go to his favourite restaurant though.  I will even (maybe) pay.  

So I guess that even if I don’t have anything to write about I should just start writing.  You don’t have to read it, but I usually end up with something important (to me) to say. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR OL!!  I love you lots!!!!