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Inspiration required…

I have art class again tonight (most Wednesday’s), except lately I have NOT been paining much.  I have been so slack and just totally lacking in motivation.  Each week I go there with such great intentions but as soon as I get there and get a paint brush in my hand (and glass of wine in the other) I just sit and stare at my canvas. 

Tonight it WILL be different – tonight I am not even going to bother about the paint brush, I am heading straight for the wine…..


4 thoughts on “Inspiration required…

  1. LOL! Great idea!

    Heck, if it wasn’t such a waste of wine I’d suggest pouring the wine onto the canvas. See what creative ideas flow from that idea.

    But then again…why waste a perfectly good glass of wine?

  2. Damaria – I took your suggestion, had the 3rd glass and then headed home. So much for inspiration…. Oh well. At least I did decide on what was wrong with my picture and why I was not painting it.
    Hanlie – I thought it a fantastic idea. And of course once I had written it on my blog I could not go back and actually paint….
    Izaac – I briefly contemplated your suggestion, but sanity prevailed and I drank it instead.

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