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All coming together.

I am scared!  Nervous! And VERY EXCITED!!!! 

I came up with an idea which I made reference to here…. 

I started investigating the possibilities and things have kind of gotten out of hand – in a good way.  In a very good way! 

At the moment it kind of feels like a steam train that I have no control over  Usually when I say I am going to start a project I get all excited about it. Start investigating the possibilities and then loose focus or passion or both and it just kind of fizzles out.  This time I am just getting more and more excited about it, and it the people I am asking for support are giving it to me and more.  

What I want to do is not unique, in fact there are two other companies/projects making the same product in South Africa alone.  However I believe there is enough space (market) for all of us.  And if I can do this to benefit others (as well as myself) then so much the better.  I want to take a waster material, recycle it and sew it into different items.  Well, I won’t be sewing it. That is the part that I want to outsource to community skills development centres or similar places.  One of the other places making these products is a church in Johannesburg, the other is a full on business.  I want to combine the two? 

And here in lies the problem.  I thought getting the materials would be the problem. Turns out it is not too bad.  As it is “junk” companies are more than willing to give it to me. The problem is finding centres that are able to sew the products.  All the sewing centres that I have heard off have closed down and the ones that are still open are unable to sew the materials I want to use as they don’t have industrial sewing machines.  This is obviously a problem I am going to have to figure out.  I had better figure it out soon as it looks like I might have my first order… Yikes!

9 thoughts on “All coming together.

  1. Hey pamiejame

    Sounds like an exciting project. Eileen, my daughter’s grandmother, might be able to help you with connecting with a community project that can help you with the sewing.

    While she has a fulltime job, she designs and makes clothes on a part-time basis, and uses the group for large orders.

    Her group make unforms for staff at Gold Reef City, so quality should not be a problem. I’ll email you her phone number directly. Tell her I referred you.

    Also check out It’s database of NGOs. I don’t know if the type of community project you’re looking for would be listed, but it doesn’t hurt to check. Orgs are listed according to service and location/province.

    Lastly, phone Charities Aid Foundation Southern Africa and ask them if they have a community project in their database which fits your profile.

    Ask for Manana, and she’ll refer you to the right person, or maybe chase the info for you. CAF’s number is 011-726-1148.

    Their database is also national, and they help companies like ABSA and BHP Billiton give to charities of their choice, in their location, so they have a pretty comprehensive database of organisations that has been validated.

    I hope this helps, and good luck with your venture.

  2. Trouble is, if you’re going to be doing it in PE, then you only have a population of 18 people and 3 goats to choose from.

    But it sounds like a great plan. Fancourt did something similar for their Ball last year. Everything was recycled: plates, table cloths, cutlery, artwork, lighting etc etc. And they did all that in George (7 people, 2 goats).

  3. Hanlie – thanks
    Damaria – thanks for the info. I will email you now.
    Lynette – I will do.
    maggs – I am very excited about it.
    6000 – And they borrowed one of those goats from us.

  4. Hi!
    Omigosh, we sound like kindred spirits
    I have finally found someone who knows my headspace!
    I am also a 50/50 person; also get fired up about things and just let them peter out blah blah – you know the drill.
    And at my advanced stage of life, am still wondering what I am supposed to be doing 🙂

    So I am SOOO glad to hear what’s happening to you – that you have found traction for your life and that you are not wanting to run away now that its getting going.

    All the very best with your business and may you find solutions and startegies for the things that lie ahead.
    You go, girl!

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