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I love Public Holidays!

On Tuesday, 16 June it was Youth Day in South Africa and this is how I spent it.

Sunrise at Hobie Beach
Sunrise at Hobie Beach


In the morning I woke up early and went for a run.  The sun rise over the sea was awesome, the run was great and the company was fantastic.  For somebody who has enjoyed running alone all these years, I have certainly gotten into group runs.  It was great fun, very social and the perfect way to start the day.  There were about 10 people running, one of whom was my brother.  There was also a couple and their 2 kids and another girl who pushed her 12 week old baby in jogging stroller.  We started at Hobie Beach and ran along the beachfront and round the back of the University.  We planned on going in the back gate, through the Varsity and back to the beachfront.  When we got to the gate though it was locked.  No problem, we all climbed over, passing kids, babies, prams and bikes over.


In the afternoon Mr OL and I went to watch the Southern Kings play the British and Irish Lions at our new stadium.  I think more people went to see the stadium that actually wanted to watch the game.  Besides being VERY cold it was great.  The stadium was very impressive!  I am very impressed.  They might need to work on their security a bit though.  After the game armed robbers came in and robbed the bar of the takings.  Here are some photos of the stadium.


All in all it was a fantastic way to spend a Tuesday.

Me - at the Stadium
Me - at the Stadium


Mr OL in front of the stadium
Mr OL in front of the stadium


Inside looking out towards the harbour
Inside looking out towards the harbour
NMB Stadium
NMB Stadium

10 thoughts on “I love Public Holidays!

  1. Yip, that is it finished. they just need to do the surrounds but it looks great. I am very impressed – who would have thought that PE would be the first one done. (6000 – no comments about size)!

  2. Bel – that sucks!
    Damaria – it was.
    Maggs – we have quite a lot – most employers say too many, but as an employee I am not going to complain.

  3. What a quaint little stadium!

    Seriously – it looks stunning. I’m actaully stupidly proud of SA for the steps its taking towards 2010.

  4. DH and my boys were there too…they also took some stunning pics. The new stadium is really such an asset to our city…don’t you think?

    By the way…when are we going to do coffee?

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