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Guess what!

My mind as been a little preoccupied this week.  All because of this:


I have now had it confirmed by blood tests – I am 6 weeks pregnant!   Yikes……..

Obviously we are really happy, but hmmmm, rather nervous!


18 thoughts on “Guess what!

  1. Awesome!

    You cannot believe how happy I am for you both.


    (Hmm – post Ironman celebrtations went a little far this year, eh?)

  2. yay! That is such great news. Congrats!

    Given the recent happenings in my home i’m still all mushy from baby talk!

    At least you have the added advantage of actually knowing that you’re pregnant – you won’t accidently deliver at 4am in the morning and leave your employer minus an employee!

  3. I actually have tears in my eyes! Don’t laugh…. once you’re a mom, you’ll be getting all sappy at the drop of a hat, too!

    Yeah for you!! Congratulations to you and the Mr!! : )

    How exciting!

  4. That is fantastic news!
    I’m so excited for you – and you are surrounded (in blogworld anyway) with young moms who are ready and willing to walk this road with you.
    Nothing like lots of support from people in the same boat, hmm?

  5. I believe that congratulations are definitely in order!

    Well done guys! Good luck with the pregnancy, especially the summer months!

  6. Holy crap!!! No way – no iron man this year…or maybe not for many many more…you know, because pregnancy yields these little beings that, like, take TIME and ATTENTION…but so worth it.

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