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Today, tomorrow and the day after

This was my conversation with Mr OL this morning. 

Me:  Guess what the day after tomorrow is? 

Mr OL: Sunday 

Me: Well yes, but guess what else. 

Mr OL: I don’t know. 

Me: The shortest day of the year, after that the days start getting longer again – yay!!! 

Me: Guess what tomorrow is? 

Mr OL:  I would say Saturday but what else? 

Me: My brother’s Birthday 

Me:  Guess what today is? 

Mr OL:  Friday 

Me:  YES!!! Yay 

Yes, I know – I can be annoying.  But at least I waited till he was out the shower and had woken up properly.


5 thoughts on “Today, tomorrow and the day after

  1. I sense that he’s used to this? hence his nonchalence in dealing with it?

    and YAY – it’s friday!

    And thank heavens the days are going to start getting longer – and hopefully warmer too!

  2. Shayne – yes, he is used to it. At least this time I restricted it to 3 “Guess Whats” and at least this Guess What he did not need to sit down for.
    Hanlie – It seems to have taken ages this year.
    Damaria – yay
    Lynette – I also can’t wait for summer, although this summer my activities might be slightly different to last.

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