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BAD Custormer Service!

So how is this for BAD customer service 

I had a meeting today at 11 – for my new venture and I needed to take samples of the items we want to make.  As I have not yet manage to find a community centre to make them I went to a company last week to ask them to prepare samples for me.  I had the material cut out and ready.  I asked them if they could make the items in time and they said not a problem.  I told them I needed them latest this morning 10:30 as I had a meeting to present these samples.  Then this morning when I phoned at 8 to find out how they were progressing and if they were finished they said they had not started them but assured me they would have them ready. The girl was not at the factory but was on her way in and would phone me back as soon as she was there.  At 9 o clock I phoned HER, she said they were having a bit of trouble with the material and she was out to buy a new foot for the sewing machine and would phone me right back.  I reminded her that my meeting was at 11 and so I need them LATEST 10:30.  She said she knew and would phone me back in a couple of minutes.  It is now 4:30 and I am still waiting for that phone call…….. 

At about 10:15 I called the guy that I was to have the meeting with and asked if we could postpone it to next week Monday. He said no problem so now at least I have a week to find another company to sew my samples for me. But how BAD is that!  She did not even have the decency to phone me back.