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A grain of rice

I like children (most of the time) and I am really happy to be having one but I don’t really do babies.  I don’t go all gooey over babies, I don’t rush over and pick them up, I don’t feel all that broody and I can’t really seem to get my head around that in just over 7 months I will have one. 

But I am realizing even more than babies I don’t do the whole pregnancy thing.  I don’t want to discuss the intimate details of what is going on, I don’t want you thinking that it is ok to feel my tummy and for pity sakes please stop calling me a pregnant fairy.  Also  I am not the type of girl that is going to get professional photos done of my naked tummy.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t see anything wrong with the girls that are into that I am just not.  I mean, my tummy has always been my worst feature, so why now would I suddenly want to show it off to the world.  

But in the interests of keeping my readers up to date here is how I am feeling.  Fantastic!  No morning sickness.  In fact besides feeling a bit light headed a couple of times and the fact that I already don’t fit into a pair of pants that I bought right after Ironman (what was I thinking anyway) oh, yes and a positive pregnancy test (or 4) I would not even have guessed that I was pregnant.  Long may it continue?  Although after reading this post back to myself, maybe I am a bit grouchier than normal???

I am going for my first scan on the 6 July.  At the moment apparently the “baby” is about the size of a grain of rice.  Wow.

7 thoughts on “A grain of rice

  1. Don’t feel bad…I have never gotten gooey over any other babies than my own, my siblings and my grand babies. Quite normal and you will still be a fabulous mommy.

  2. no, I never got particularly goey over them either, i mean, they are cute and tiny and all squished but when its your own, then they are the most beautiful thing in the world!

  3. You sound decidedly underwhelmed. Which is okay, you know! It’s YOUR pregnancy, so you can do it YOUR way. I’ll be excited for you so long, okay?

  4. I don’t really like babies, either. I loved mine, of course…but a lot of the time I didn’t “like” him, KWIM? At least not for the first year…but that year was also really rough (he wouldn’t latch-on, so I pumped every few hours, every day…it wore on me something fierce).

    But my son has been pretty awesome since about age 1, on. He’s a lot of fun. And I think that’s part of the reason I can’t get excited by tiny babies…they aren’t fun. They take more than they give. I really loved it when my son started to talk. I’m all about the verbal communication!

    I also liked being pregnant and had a relatively easy pregnancy. No morning-sickness, so to speak, and I felt super mellow and healthy. My hubby even openly admits that he was expecting me to turn nasty at any moment (since that’s what the books prepare a person for), but I never did.

  5. Lynette – I hope so.
    Robyn – very good to hear.
    Hanlie – I think maybe because I don’t really “feel” pregnant yet. Or I don’t know how that is supposed to feel. And thank you – you may get as excited as you like. It is nice to have some people excited. My husband is also the under excited type as is my family. His family on the other hand is on the phone all the time. He says they have forgotten he exists as they just ask how I and the baby are doing. It is the first Grandchild on both sides. I am going for my first scan on the 6th July, so I am sure it will feel more real when I see it on the screen.
    Kirsten – also like the interaction, so am excited about that. The learning to talk and the doing stuff together part. Luckily so far so good with the pregancy, hopefully after the baby is born it stays as easy (does it sound as if I want it all….)

  6. When my first child cried while I was holding him, I automatically looked for someone to give him to.
    Believe me, you learn quickly.

    [n] years on and he did his first poo in the toilet by himself today. This, of course, will be of absolutely no interest to you, just as when you report the equivalent fact to me in a few years time, it will be the biggest news you’ve had all week, and I will have to pretend to give a toss.

    Things change. Don’t rule out the photos just yet. Hormones are very powerful.

  7. I think we would get along perfectly because I agree 100% with everything you said in this post 🙂 Promise I will not ever touch your stomach if I meet you in person!!

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