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Please just check the facts first!

The people living in Durban will be very surprised to know that the roof of their stadium collapsed.  At least according to the numerous emails that I have just received.  Now forgive me for getting a bit grumpy about this but why is it that when something bad happens in South Africa it is automatically assumed to be true! 

Yes, there were photos to “support” this story.  But look a little closer, there is a track around the “soccer” pitch.  And seats with a club name on them.  This is the information age, so surely before spreading this kind of news the least you could do is check your facts? 

Yes, a stadium roof did collapse.  Yes, it was even this month (2June). But it was not in Durban or even South Africa for that matter. The stadium in question was in Malaysia.  It is amazing how quickly emails like this spread.  I have now received it from numerous people, all forwarding it to everybody in their address book.  

Does not even look like the Durban Stadium!
Does not even look like the Durban Stadium!

16 thoughts on “Please just check the facts first!

  1. I like the way that the (visually stunning) huge arch going right across the middle of the pitch, end to end, not only collapsed but went completely invisible as well.

  2. Lynette – or pesimistic. There seems to be a feeling that they were expecting something like this to happen. I mean – only is SA? Or something like that.

  3. Ok – so it turns out some people at least seek the truth. I have had 34 searches of Durban Stadium roof leading to this site since I posted this.

  4. Yip, like me. I’m a clever boy 🙂 lol
    Also got the email and just figured it would have been plastered all over the news.
    Pamiejane – I think you have a point. It’s a bit sad.

  5. I had a similar hissy fit earlier this week, calling people out for not checking the facts. You know about Obama swatting a fly during a taped TV interview recently? Well, before long everybody was laughing their heads off and mocking PETA for “condemning” Obama for swatting the fly. PETA is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and I support their cause although I don’t always agree with their methods. I thought that making such a statement in the press was a bit silly of PETA, so I visited their website and found out that they had made no such statement. Hundreds of journalists had phoned them, looking for a comment and obviously for some controversy. PETA merely said that there are of course other, less deadly ways of dealing with pests like flies, but that they don’t condemn Mr Obama at all. In all fairness, if you are an organization that stands for humane treatment for all living beings, what else can you say? But this whole thing was misreported in the press and did the rounds of blogs and twitter, while nobody bothered to check the facts!

  6. etdorry – well done
    Hanlie – People seem so eager to believe and spread “bad news” without checking the facts first.
    Maggs – I am very glad that some people are. Maybe when those that did not find out that it was not true, they will be more inclined to check next time?

  7. So true!! But I find that people are willing to believe (and forward on!) absolutely ANY “fact” that they receive via e-mail, no matter how unlikely, without making a single enquiry as to its correctness. If one more person assures me Bill Gates is going to send me money, I might actually lose the plot 😉

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