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Feeling icky

Edited to clarify:

Ok, so I went from feeling no unpleasant side effects of being pregnant to feeling decidedly icky in one day – yesterday!  It feels like a hangover (but isn’t) that just won’t go away.  Well I suppose this (entire pregnacy) is a result of too much alcohol too…..  We are blaming a night filled with red wine and dart games.  We have jokingly said if it is a girl we need to call her Arabella after the bottle(s) of wine we had (on the night we think we concieved). 

But dammit all!  I am just hoping and praying that I don’t get Morning Sickness as bad as my mom had it with me.  She was vomiting for 9 months.  The day after she had me she was a kilogram lighter than the day she fell pregnant, so much for picking up weight.  The bonus is that she has never picked that weight back up again.

But I am confident – it is not going to happen to me.  I am not going to be sick for 9 months, or even 9 weeks, hopefully not even 9 days.  The power of positive thinking……  Normally I am pretty good at it, and will myself not to get flu or a cold or whatever and it usually works.  Hopefully it works with this too. 

Also my running and stuff has taken a bit of a back seat.  Not so much because I am pregnant, more because it has been so flippen cold (for us) that I just can’t face heading out in that weather.   I have decided that I will not cycle till after I have had the baby.  I don’t want to fall of or anything like that.  However, I am really excited about getting back in the pool though.  I have heard it is good whilst preggies and just as well I thoroughly enjoy it.  This weekend there is a midwinter 1 km ocean swim race, but I am a bit chicken for cold weather and water.  I should maybe do it though.  I don’t think I will fit in my wetsuit this summer.

I am going for my first scan on Monday – quite excited.

12 thoughts on “Feeling icky

  1. Sure it’s prob the wine more than anything. Not wanting to sound like the mommy police or anything, but perhaps don’t have too much to drink till after 12 weeks. This is when all the main forming and developing is happening and it’s best not to drink too much.

    But yes, i hope you don’t haveit. I had it until i was 17 weeks pregnant and it was revolting. As soon as I opened my eyes and stood up it was there. DH used to bring me ginger biscuits in bed with my tea and that did help somewhat.

    Positive thinking!

    And you cannot believe how divine the weather is here in ct – warm, as it short t’s and 3/4 pants.

    So great!

  2. Hi Shayne – sorry, you misunderstood. I was blaming the entire pregnancy on a night of wine, not the way I was feeling today (or yesterday). I won’t touch any whilst pregnant. I know somebody whose ex-girlfriend drank while pregant and their baby has fetal alcohol syndrom. I would not take that risk.

  3. I was also one of the unlucky few that had it for 9 months with both my boys..I went back to a pancake flat tummy immediately after their births…but I hated the nausia so much that it put me off having more children.

    I hope for your sake that it will be over soon. Have a cup of tea with marie biscuits or ginger biscuits before you get up in the morning.

  4. Lynette – thanks for the advice. I will be shopping for those biscuits this afternoon
    Shayne – No problem, when I read it again, I could see why – hence the adjustments. Hope you have a great holiday.

  5. I had constant nausea, but no vomiting for about 12wks. I found baby tomatoes, grapes and ginger beer (any ginger) really helped a stack. I kept tupperwares of stuff in my car – as long as I nibbled all day long I was fine. Fortunately my nibble cravings were healthy otherwise I would have been in trouble!!

  6. Carrs Cheese biscuits! Worked wonders for my nausea, glad to say, mine only lasted the first trimester, then everything went fine from there, well apart from the constant heartburn! eeugh!

  7. Are you going to find out the sex when you have the scan? Are you taking any bets on boy/girl/other?

    Just kidding! Hope you feel better. My wife never suffered any nausea in either of her pregnancies.

  8. Melody – thankfully I also just have the nausea. I think I will try the ginger beer.

    6000 – oh glory, I think one would be enough. But I suppose that is one way to get the two we eventually want over and done with.

    Robyn – I seem to have gone off cheesey stuff for now. I am going to have to find something else. Flings seemed to work last night.

    Kirsten – Mmmm, Gingersnaps – I went and bought a packet(s) yesterday.

    Hanlie – I know, not one of the highlights of finding out you are pregnant. Although I have heard that it is a sign of a healthy pregnancy, if so then I will put up with it without complaining to much.

    Del – it will still be too early, I think the next scan can tell us that. No, we are not taking bets. Mostly because I keep changing my mind. I think it might be a girl most of the time and then suddenly I think it is a boy. We are not going to wait till the birth. I am too inquisitive to do that.

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