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Boring person

All my friends are beginning to start talking about training for Ironman next year and I am feeling a little left out.  Actually I am feeling worse for my poor husband.  The poor man has gone from a wife whose conversations revolved almost solely about training to a wife whose conversations seems to revolve solely around babies.  AND I SWEAR IT IS NOT MY FAULT!!! 

It seems to be the first questions people ask me.  In fact almost every person that I see starts the conversation like this: 

Them: “So are you doing Ironman again next year.”

Me:  “Uhm – no”

Them:  “Why not?”

Me: “I have just found out I am pregnant.”

Them: “baby talk, baby talk, baby talk.” 

I used to think I was a well rounded person, who could hold a conversation on nearly any topic but it appears not.  I am beginning to think I am a very boring person.