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Boring person

All my friends are beginning to start talking about training for Ironman next year and I am feeling a little left out.  Actually I am feeling worse for my poor husband.  The poor man has gone from a wife whose conversations revolved almost solely about training to a wife whose conversations seems to revolve solely around babies.  AND I SWEAR IT IS NOT MY FAULT!!! 

It seems to be the first questions people ask me.  In fact almost every person that I see starts the conversation like this: 

Them: “So are you doing Ironman again next year.”

Me:  “Uhm – no”

Them:  “Why not?”

Me: “I have just found out I am pregnant.”

Them: “baby talk, baby talk, baby talk.” 

I used to think I was a well rounded person, who could hold a conversation on nearly any topic but it appears not.  I am beginning to think I am a very boring person.


11 thoughts on “Boring person

  1. I guess I’m boring too, because if it the conversation is not about health, food, weight loss, fitness, food politics, the medical system or agriculture I don’t have anything to say!

  2. Lynette – I guess, and I can imagine that people were getting rather sick of me talking about my animals as if they were children. ..

  3. Nah, you’re probably a well rounded person. But for some strange reason, people treat you differently when you’re pregnant or have a baby.

    Complete strangers ask you personal questions, like when the baby is due. Or tell you more than you ever wanted to know about their own child birth experience. And then there are the ones who just touch your tummy.

    I knew it was time to make tracks from an online mommie group when they began to discussion the colour and texture of baby poo for different baby age groups. Umm, no, I was not that far gone.

  4. Not boring. Just in a different season. Am sure before you only spoke about training, yes? Did that seem boring then? I promise your brain wont die because you are pregnant…or have children, it just takes a detour for a while.

  5. you’re entering a different season in your life. that’s all. it’s not boring, it’s just different. you didn’t think your training and fitness was boring – neither are babies.

    before you know it you’ll be an ‘interesting’ person again.

    don’t fret.

  6. Congrats on being pregnant. I had the same problem being injured. People always want to know when the race is. When I say I can’t race all they want to take about is my knee. Hopefully this won’t last for 9 months!

  7. Damaria – baby poo – oh glory! At least I have 7 months to get used to the idea. Although one of my friends did talk about what to expect and not to expect when changing a nappy….

    Melody – I think that is the problem. I am not finding the topic boring at all. Which is why it seems to be all I am talking about, or Googling or reading up on! I love investigating things, so the minute I found out I was pregnant I started reading everything I could! And no the training was not boring, but I suspect I was especially to my poor husband who had no interest in it. At least with this he is also invovled.

    Shayne – I did not think my training was boring just like I don’t think this is boring. I just am worried that others find me boring because I let whatever is happening to me at the time dominate my life and then that is all I talk about.

    Lisa – Thanks – I hope your injure does not last long!! At least on your blog you talk about a variety of different things and look like you have a pretty well rounded life.

  8. Havign a child is the best thing god could give me. I love my child immensly and she has brought a whole new perspective on my life. She is wonderful and i wouldnt trade her for the world or for a oppourtunity for something.

  9. Your also due soon Im sure if not already had the baby. If so tell me how you feel now. I know i fell totally in love with my baby the second i saw her and althroughout the pregnancy.

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