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The easy way out.

I could not think of anything to blog this week, so as a desperate measure I was going to steal the meme on Shayne’s blog, however on my way over to hers I popped over to see what Rambler had to say and found a meme there.  Hmmm decisions.  Clive’s won.  I might save Shaynes for next week, although hopefully by then my blogging inspiration has returned.

I am not going to tag anyone, but if you want to do it please let me know so I can come and read what you wrote. (Yes, I am nosey).  Have a great weekend.

I am: sitting at work.

I have: everything I could ever want, except perhaps….No, I do have everything I want.

I know: less than I did in my teens.

I think: so far my life has been right on track.

I don’t think: I should be as critical of myself as I sometimes am.

I want: to be a stay at home mom, with maybe a hobby business on the side.

I have: an idea that is not going to happen.

I like: getting outdoors.

I dislike: being cooped up on an office all day.

I hate: it when people have no concern for their children’s safety.  SEATBELTS PEOPLE!!

I dream: of having a small holding in the mountains, with a beautiful view and a self sufficient garden.

I fear: I will not be able to do the things with my kids that my mom did with us due to crime and safety issues.

I am annoyed: by people that litter.

I crave: nothing since I am pregnant. Thankfully as I normally crave biltong but I can’t eat that now.

I usually: crave biltong.

I search: the internet when ever I have question or want to buy something.

I hide: the fact that I am an absolute chicken and scared of pretty much EVERYTHING pretty well.

I wonder: if our baby will be a boy or a girl.

I know: that it does not matter either way.

I just can’t help: myself if I get a good book in my hand.  I have to read it till it is finished, even if I stay up all night.  Thank fully I read very quickly.  I read “The Kite Runner” on Sunday, and 2 more books this week.

I regret: Not travelling more when I had the chance.

I love: my family.

I can’t live without: my Swiss Army Knife.  OK, I could probably live without it, but I have it in my handbag at all times.

I try to: enjoy life and try different things.

I enjoy: a diverse range of things, from reading to triathlon to hiking.

I don’t care: if I don’t come first.  I love taking part.

I always: thought that I would stay single and adopt.

I never want to: be filthy rich, just independently wealthy.

I rely on: my family to be there for me when I want to talk.  They always are.

I believe: I have the funniest, cutest pets in the world.

I dance: (d) Highland for 10 years and travelled all over the country for eisteddfods’ and competitions.

I sing: terribly

I argue: much less than I used to.

I write: the biggest load of rubbish most of the time

I win: the lottery every week in my dreams and plan on how to spend the money.

I lose: it when people throw litter out of their cars or on the ground.  I usually say something if close enough. 

I wish: it were lunchtime.  I am starving (again)!

I listen: but don’t always hear what the other person is actually saying.

I don’t understand: why people can’t just treat each other’s religions or beliefs with respect.

I’m scared of: failure and success, probably in equal measures.

I forget: that I am 37 and usually think I am about 32 or thereabouts (wishful thinking)

I am happy: with my life.