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The funny and the not so funny

Sorry not been posting much lately. 

I have been feeling rather crappy and ended up taking yesterday off work.  Pregnancy induced migraines – what fun!!!  So I managed to avoid morning sickness and end up throwing up from a migraine?  Apparently it is normal and has to do with the hormones.  I can’t believe that some of you have voluntarily done this more than once.  Yes, I know, I will forget all about it as soon as I hold the little one…At the moment that feels very far away. 

But in more fun news we managed to get to the National Arts Festival held in Grahamstown.  It was fantastic – well not the whole festival but the shows we went to were very good.  Mr OL and two other men he works with arranged the whole trip; the shows, accommodation etc.  All us wives needed to do was go with. They did a very great job. 

We caught 4 shows, which were Banana Republic (quite good), DeKaf with Sivuyile Ngesi (brilliant), Laugh with David Newton (also brilliant) and Koch Up with Conrad Koch a ventriloquist (most laughed at but it was because he kept picking on people from our group). 

We also walked around the stalls and I must say I was a bit disappointed.  I am not sure what I was expecting but there was not much that was not there 6 years ago (last time I went).  Who buys didgeridoo’s out side of Australia, who wears tie died tights and tops besides the other stall holders?  There were a few things new I suppose but oddly enough the only things that Mr OL and I bought were both food related.  Me a LARGE jar of olives and Mr OL a bottle of hot sauce. 

We stayed in the Victoria Primary School hostels, which were very nice.  We were 6 people and manged to get a 7 bed dorm so were not sharing with people that we did not know.  It was very clean and beside old springs and mattresses on the beds very comfortable. 

The shows however were the highlights.  If you get the opportunity to watch any of them I would seriously recommend them – especially David Newton and Sivuyile Ngesi (David Newton produces and co-writes his show too).  I have seen David Newton before and although I enjoyed his previous show – Politically Incorrect – this one I found much better.  It was not as crude but just funny. 

We got back on Sunday morning and I had a slight headache which by Sunday Afternoon was a full blown migraine.  Not a fun way to end a funny and fantastic weekend.

9 thoughts on “The funny and the not so funny

  1. I am sure I am speaking for all of us if I say “we missed you.” So sorry to hear about the migraines…your hormones will soon settle down and you will be fine.

  2. Oi migraines suck. I had them in school but seemed to outgrow them.

    Sounds like you had a blast but must say you sound very EASYGOING….I got to the words ‘hostel; dorm; spring bed’ and began to choke quietly. I guess maybe I am more high maintenance than I thought. The words b+b would help me breathe easier! hehe

    Can you believe I have NEVER made it to a festival up there. Wrong, I tell you.

    Am glad you back; sorry you feeling ick. I guess better at home than while you were away?

    Pregnancy and I werent great pals either. I suffered terribly from low blood pressure from about month 6/7 and tended to freak everyone out by passing out in random places….like the library, hairdresser etc etc. I got used to waking up to terrified onlookers. Seems like a lifetime ago!

  3. I haven’t been to the Festival in probably 6 or 7 years myself and really wanted to go this year, but having been away so much lately meant that it will have to wait till next year.

  4. I love David Newton – i’ve seen all his shows and was very sad we were in CT when he was here and vice versa.

    Impressed you stayed in a hostel – can say I would have done that myself. Hostels, dorms, no thank you. B&B and feather pillows – go me!

    As I said before i struggled with nauseau so you have my condolensces. Generally everything improves once you hit 12 weeks.

    Glad to have you back!

  5. Lynette – thanks and I hope so….

    Barry – Thank you and so do I. I have heard in about 4 weeks so I am counting.

    Hanlie – thank you.

    Melody – I had 2 at school (seemed to be each time after a cheese and tomato sarmie) but not since then. This caught me a bit by surprise. My blood pressure is low most of the time, so hope it does not get any lower or I might suffer the same. Yikes, scary.

    FF – it was about the same time that I was last there. I was glad I was able to go this year, and it was quite a last minute thing. The guys did very well with the organising, the only thing I would have like to see more of was the art exhibitions but I suppose one day is not really enough time.

    Shayne – Hostel is luxury for me – I am a kind of camp or rough it kind of girl. I am going hiking in a few weeks and am REALLY excited! No electricity, no cell phone reception, no hot water (ok, that I am not looking forward to) But the rest – I can’t wait. And bring on week 12!!!

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