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More than I think I know?

The mind is a strange and curious place (but maybe that is just mine?). 

On Monday night I had a dream about an actor.  It was very clear and vivid and when I woke up on the morning I could picture his face in detail.  But I could not remember his name or anything he had acted it.  It bugged me. Actually that was a bit of an understatement.  It annoyed the $##$%# out of me all day!  Who the heck was this guy? 

I tried Googling but that is rather hard when you don’t know his name or anything he has acted in.  Tall, dark actors with cute smiles seem to be a dime a dozen on Google!  In fact any variation of the above drew no result.  Top 100 hottest Hollywood actors etc – nothing.  Not that it would have helped because I would not have recongnised his name anyway…..  

And then last night whilst driving I remember what he had acted in!!!!  Wow – why is it that something like that just suddenly comes to you.  I had been trying all day to remember.  So, this is why I say the mind is odd.  Was that knowledge there all along?  Must have been?  Makes me think though, what else is hiding in the depth of our brains.  Do we actually “know” and”remember” everything that passes our way but only keep a certain amount in our conscious knowledge or filed somewhere for easy access. What about all the other stuff.  Does our brain archive it, but keep it somewhere?  Or is there a lot that we do actually loose?  I know they say we only use about 10% or our brain’s capacity – so how do I access a bit more?  And would I want to? 

So, I am sure you are all curios – he acted in Jack and Jill (he was Jill) and his name is Ivan Sergei. 

Ivan Sergei
Ivan Sergei