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General Update.

So I thought I had better do a general update post – what is going on!! 

Well I suppose the quick answer would be nothing much.  Which is probably why I have not been posting?  But seeing as have a blog I suppose I had better put something on it!  I have been blogging for nearly 3 years and besides when I am on holiday and don’t have access to the internet this is the slackest I have been.  Yes, the guilt is setting in. 

So – update…. 

I am 9.5 weeks pregnant – not far at all.  I put on a bit of weight initially (the only way to keep the nausea at bay was to eat) but seem to have lost it again.  Besides the nausea and fat (possibly bloated) stomach is the only different I have seen is my boobs!!!!!  I have a cleavage.  Quite a substantial one!  Wow….  Let’s hope they don’t continue to grow at this rate. After nine months I won’t be able to stand upright.  People are going to start calling me Pammy for another reason besides it being my name. 

In other news, I am going hiking soon and can’t wait.  It is still a couple of weeks away but I am really looking forward to it.  We are going to do the Whale Trail in the De Hoop Nature Reserve in the Western Cape.  It is whale season, so hopefully we see lots of them.  I am also hoping it warms up slightly!!  It is 12º Celsius in Port Elizabeth today.  I know that is not that cold to people living in some other places but we are not prepared for weather like this.  We don’t even own a single heater!!!  Lots of layers of clothing are required the minute we step inside the fridge that we call home. 

I have been really slack on the exercise front as well.  I have just been feeling so listless and nauseus and cold that the last thing I have felt like doing was going for a run or a swim.  I WILL start again soon.  I bought a book called Exercising duing pregnancy but have not read it yet.  There are certain smells that make me want to gag at the moment – mostly chemical smells – and that book has it.  I tried to start but it was not pleasant.  Maybe in a few weeks time when the nauseas abates….. 

Hmmm, any other news??? Nope, not really.  I am still here, still alive and everything seems to be going well.  I have another appointment in 2 weeks time and then another scan at week 12.  boy, oh boy am I glad that I decided to add the saver section to my hospital plan this year…..

8 thoughts on “General Update.

  1. Hello, my voluptuous friend! Glad to hear all is well and hope the nausea subsides soon!

    It’s cold here too, so I hope it warms up by the time you go on your hike…

  2. Yay to the cleavage – there have got to be some pro’s to being preggies?

    So many people are speaking about the whale trail – Wenchy (do you follow her) is also going on it.

    I think it may be something i need to look into. Do you have to be a fitness fanatic to do it? I just love the De Hoop Nature Reserve – it is so completely tranquil and one of the best places to just be and take in your surroundings.

  3. We visited De Hoop many, many years ago as Matric group. It was fantastic – we slept in a converted barn, had lessons about the animals and got to go snorkeling and enjoy the beaches. Didn’t see any whales though (not that I remember, but it was over 20 years ago!)

    Hope you have a great time and make sure to post some pics after your visit!

    Are we gonna get more scan photos of bébé?

  4. Yup…only time I had cleavage was while pregnant and while breast feeding:)

    Sjoe, it is cold in PE…sitting here with frozen fingers at the moment and not wanting to face the weather outside.

  5. De Hoop is awesome. See if you can get to De Mond as well – v close by.

    Not sure I believe you on the boobs – perhaps some sort of photographic evidence is required?

    P.S. “Books smells a bit funny” is the best excuse to avoid exercise I have heard for a long time, rating alongside the old favourite, “My hamster has issues about being left alone”.

  6. Hanlie – hee,hee – voluptuous directed at me. Its a first (I like it).

    Damaria – Thank you.

    Shayne – I sometimes follow the link from you blog.
    You don’t need to be super fit, just be able to walk. Apprarently the first day is the hardest with 8 hours (15km) of walking and up a hill but the rest is easier. Also it is portered so you don’t need to carry anything besides what you need to eat or wear while you are walking.

    Tricia – I know. Although I suppose if I was running a lot I would not be that happy.

    Del – I have heard it is great – and I will most definitly post pictures. I am trying to convince MR OL that it is a good reason for me to buy a new camera….

    Lynette – my mom too, so I fear this is rather temporary.

    6000 – What kind of blog do you think this is……. At the moment I am not really needing an more excuses not to run. It is too cold to convince myself to get my butt out the door anyway.

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