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What now?

I can’t believe that the Tour de France is finishing this weekend.  I have really been into it this year.  What am I going to do in the evenings now….

I have watched it in past years and enjoyed but nothing like this year.  Thankfully the timing has been perfect with regards to work and stuff.  I finish work at 4:30, rush straight home and am usually in time to watch the last 30 or 40 km.  The exciting bits!!! 

I am not sure if it because I know more about cycling this time round, or I recongnise or what it is but I am LOVE ‘N it!!!!!! 

At least once it is over I might be able to stop and do stuff on my way home – like restock the fridge.  Mr OL is on an enforced diet.  Luckily we had quite a bit stocked up before hand but now it is down to a few pieces of past their best fruit.  (I took the best fruit to work this morning – yum, strawberries, kiwi and guava)

Last night I roasted a duck – just because we had nothing else in the freezer.  That and roast are easy.  Get home; put it in the oven, watch the TV and viola – an hour or so later it is done. 

Actually last nights dinner turned out quite nice.  I did roasted duck with a cranberry reduction and mash.  YUMMY!!  Tonight I think it is going to be take away pizza bought ordered before I leave work and picked up on the way home.  I will go shopping tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “What now?

  1. I hate it when people do this to me, but:

    Voila: French expression, literally meaning “here it is!”

    Viola: Member of the string family of instruments, larger than a violin, but smaller than a cello.

    Sorry. (Unless you did actually have a string quartet around….)

  2. I’m going grocery shopping as soon as the shop opens tomorrow morning! Don’t want to get trampled…

    Just ate the last bananas…

  3. i’m quite relieved it ends this weekend. it’s all my husband has been able to talk about for the last month – i enjoy it but not that much!

    happy grocery shopping.

  4. You roasted a duck? With mash and reduced cranberry sauce? Crikey moses. I hate to think what you pull out when you ‘put in the effort’.

  5. 6000 – what else would I have as background music to go with duck and cranberry sauce?

    Hanlie – it was so bad that Mr OL and I had to share a teabag on Sat morning as we were down to the last one. And then I had to put brown sugar in the tea as I realised I had run out of white. Thankfully we are now well stocked again.

    Shayne – I hate shopping in general, but if I had to choose between groceries or clothes you would find me in a food aisle every time.

    Melody – At least with that you can put it in the oven and forget about it for 2 hours or so.

    Tricia – I know – I see a slight bump in the road and I start cursing. They climb for 30 or 40 km????????

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