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Moaning Monday!

Moaning Monday seems to be catching.  First it was Rambler, then Shayne and now I just can’t help myself. 

I am absolutely livid!!!  I think that MOAN might be a bit of an understatement.  It might just turn into a full on rant. 

I was in a rather good mood this morning, weird considering it was Monday.  But still I was happy.  Then I went popped out of the office after lunch and was hit by chaos!!!!! 

Now, I am not against strikes or people’s right to strike or protest.  But there is striking and there is vandalism and there is a chasm in between.  They are not one and the same and because you are striking or protesting DOES NOT give you the right to violate our city. 

There is a countrywide municipal strike on at the moment which started today and some of the Port Elizabeth municipal workers went on a protest march along Rink Street and Cape Road.  Still all very well and fine, however on their way they ripped open every single rubbish bag they could find, they broke every glass bottle – smashing them onto the roads or pavements, they overturned every rubbish bin, breaking the ones they could and they up rooted the flowers and plants in the planters in the middle of the roads and caused damage to the concrete retainers for the planters.  The place looks disgusting and for what?  What do you think you have gained by doing this?  Yes, our city now looks like a mess and yes, it will probably stay that way till you come back to work.  But who do you think will need to clean it up – you!  Clever, very clever! 

You have now lost my sympathy.

8 thoughts on “Moaning Monday!

  1. I know – just shows the brain power! I’ve been listening to the updates on the radio and i cannot understand it. They did a very similar thing in stutt a couple of months ago and yup, they just had to tidy it up when they got back to work.

    makes me so angry.

    complete disrespect for our country actually.

  2. Someone explain to me why people do something stupid like that. I saw on TV the other day strikers were also opening rubbish bags and basically littering and I don’t get it either. Yes, they have the right to strike, but they don’t have make all citizens live in filth while they do it.
    I have no sympathy for strikers who show disrepect for our country, as Shayne says, but who also show disrespect for other people and their rights.

  3. They are striking in Cape Town too.
    Right opposite my children’s school, so the kids witnessed the toy-toying and the workers being shot with rubber bullets when the police arrived.
    Eye opening to say the least.

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