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My sister-in-law is busy climbing Kilimanjaro as we speak.  Today is her summit attempt day and I really hope she makes it.  It will be her second attempt and she has put in a lot of preparation, walking and hiking a lot in the lead up.  Unfortunately nothing you do can prepare you for the altitude. 

To say that I am just a little bit jealous is an understatement.  I climbed it in September 2005 and it was one of the best things I have ever done and would love to do it again. 

I am wishing her all the best and I really hope that she gets to the top.  GOOD LUCK!!!


There is a picture on my photo’s page at the summit when I climbed it with my mom and my sister in celebration of my mom’s 60th birthday!

7 thoughts on “GOOD LUCK SIL!!!

  1. Wow! Best of luck!

    There is currently an Aussie celeb climbing Kilimanjaro with his 2 sons to raise money for the Humpty Dumpty Charity over here. Maybe she’ll bump into him…

  2. Unfortunately she did not make it. She got 600m from the top when the altitude became a problem and she got sick. Shame – it must SUCK!!! I was really hoping she would make it this time.

    Lynette – yes I do. We always “blame” my gran. I think my mom got it from her and we got it from my mom. My sister in law seems to be the first on their side of the family that has done stuff like this. Can imagine what my kids will be like. Either totally of the wall or go totally the other way and be real stay at home types (although I doubt it).

    Charisa – I was really holding thumbs for her.

    Hanlie – yes, in 2005. it was awesome.

    Delboy – maybe – if she knew who he was. But then again it is a big mountain.

    Firefly – It is great if you get the opportunity. I now want to do Elbrus or Acconcagua next. I think the bug bit!

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