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Long weekend and other stuff.

It is another long weekend here – woo hoo! The 9th is Woman’s Day but because it falls on a Sunday we get Monday off.  It is quite pleasant because it means next week is another short week for me – 4 day work weeks I can just about cope with. (yes, I know – we get lots of public holidays and I am NOT complaining)

We don’t have much planned for this weekend.  We are meeting up with friends tonight that are down from East London.  It will be nice to see them as we don’t get up there very much.  

Tomorrow I might go for a run or a swim – but the run is looking more likely.  But then again, I might just stay all curled up in bed.  One of the peole coming down from East London might want to go for a sea swim on Saturday morning but he does not have a wetsuit so think he will cancel that idea when he feels the water.

On Sunday we have been invited to a wedding.  I have not been to that many wedding (5 including my own) so I am quite excited.  Most of my friends are either single or got married while I was living overseas.  This is a wedding of a very good friend of my sisters (and now mine).  We jokingly say that we are all sisters or cousins or as close as because our mothers are like twins sometimes.  They are best friends and usually rock up at places wearing the same or very similar clothes.  Her mom is one of the people that did the Whale Trail with us. 

Other than that I have NO plans and it sounds wonderful!!!!  I need to do something about my herb garden as it has been seriously neglected and my parsley and coriander as over grown everything else and has now gone to seed.  It is standing about a meter high and looks terrible.  My poor sage is swamped.  I hope it is still under there somewhere.  I also know I planted carrots a while back but have forgotten all about them.  I planted them in a flower bed somewhere so should probably go and have a look and see if I can find them.  I am excited that spring is coming up and I can plant a whole lot of stuff again.  I want a full veggie and herb garden this summer.  

I tried planting green peppers, sweet peas, tomatoes and lettuce last summer.  The only thing that took was the lettuce.  We replanted again a few months ago and are still enjoying homegrown lettuce leaves in our salad.  It is great living in a temperate climate where we can grow some stuff all year round.  Luckily we don’t get frost here.  

In a similar vein my worm farm is doing great!!  I have not killed them and they produce plenty of worm “tea” which I dilute and use as fertilizer.  I have not had any compost from them as I have not really put in any filler and they seem to eat or break down most of the stuff that I do put in rather effectively so there is not much “ worm casting” left over to use as compost.  It is quite cool because they recycle all of our organic waste besides stuff from the citrus and onion families which worms apparently don’t like.  Also the “Glass Recycling Company” has put a bin quite close to our house so this year we have been recycling ALL of our glass.  It is so much easier when there is a bin close by.  Now I just need to work on the plastics and tin stuff.  I will eventually get there and have a much greener house.  There are 2 things I want to do soon.  One is put water tanks on all of our down pipes and the other is try to find a supplier that sells energy saver down lighters.  I know you get them but I can’t find them in our area.  All of our freestanding lights now have energy saver bulbs but the down lighters – which we use the most still have the normal bulbs.  If any knows of a place in PE that sells energy saver down lighters please let me know. 

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

11 thoughts on “Long weekend and other stuff.

  1. Good for you for going green. I used to love my compost bin, which my parents have now taken over. Unfortunately we live on an estate now where I can’t have a compost bin and am not allowed to plant anything except some herbs in a pot.

    Enjoy the wedding! I’ve also only been to a few in my life.

  2. good on you on going so green. i’m still getting there.

    also wanting to get stuck into my herbs – my coriander and rocket have gone to seed and look revolting, think i may just pull them out and plant more seeds.

    am all inspired now that i’ve pruned everything in sight – gives me hope for a beautiful garden coming alive in spring!

    enjoy yr weekend.

  3. Emil – thanks

    Hanlie – I still have quite a way till we are green but small steps. If you aren’t able to compost you could still get a worm farm. They don’t smell at all if you put in the correct amount of food and although pretty small you can still get quite a bit of worm “tea”. I keep mine in the garage and it does not get flies or anything. I kept meaning to find a shady space in the garden for it, but a year later it is still inside. The worm tea works very well on potplants and almost acts as a natural pesticide – both indoor and out. Follow this link to see what Lisa has grown on her porch just in pots. Some people really can do amazing things. My fingers are unfortunately not that green.

    Shayne – I am also still getting there. It is quite a process and I need to introduce these things slowly to Mr OL. I am also going to have to pull out mine. Talking about pruning I have 2 lollipop trees that need some serious attention.

  4. Sounds a lovely weekend. Must admit I am loving the though of the long weekend and a 4 day week next week.

    Well done on the worm farm! I really want to get one too.

  5. Worm farm is on my list. But it’s some way down.
    As for CFL light bulbs, I have them on everything I can. When they invent (or rather when they mass produce, because I’m told they exist) CFLs that you can put on dimmable lights, I’ll be there like a bear. Until that day…

  6. We’re pretty green over here! We have a 2500l water tank (every bit helps when you are in a drought!), we have council recycle bins, we have solar panels for heating water and we have a compost heap/worm farm.
    We can also get the energy saver lights for free from our electric company (talk about shooting yourself in the foot?) and water saver shower heads for free from the water company.

  7. Lynette – thanks I did. I hope your family all recovers!! That is absolutely terrible.

    Gill – they are worth it. They are the easiest “pets” I have ever had.

    6000 – if you find some let me know!

    DS – thanks I did, I hope yours was good too.

    Del – even when I lived there they were pretty green. Each office I worked in recycled all their paper and stuff and that was 10 years ago. I am sure that it must just have gotten better since then.

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