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Before and After


Coriander - gone wild
Coriander - gone wild


Coriander - Tamed
Coriander - Tamed


Can you believe there were actually other herbs under all of that.  I can once again see my thyme, sage and origanum.  I even found some lavender shoots.


10 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Charisa – now I just need to do something with the out of control parsley and things will be looking good for the new summer crops.

    Lynette – yes, very much. Especially if they are from my garden.

  2. I always like to have a handbag in my herb garden so that I can… erm… well.. it’s just nice to have a handbag in my herb garden. I see you share my feelings.

  3. Love your little herb nook. You’ve inspired me! Looks like something out of a french country garden.

    Mine’s still a huge mess (in fact they may be dead).

  4. 6000 – I have it there so that smart arses like you have something to comment on.
    And yes, I heard about the weather – thanks a lot for sending it our way!!
    Shayne – I was very suprised to find some stuff still alive under all the coriander!

  5. Hanlie – it is the only part that has managed to survive the dogs… I had a more official one but the keep jumping in it and pulling everything up. the rest of my herbs, lettuce etc is in the front where they can’t get too. I put up the trellis and stones and paving as a way to try and stop them digging. It seems to have worked so far.

    Lynette – I love it, it is rusted metal. The shop where I bought it from had little wheelbarrows and stuff as well so I might go back and get more. I really wanted to put a small leaved herb in it that drapes over the side but so far it is still empty.

    6000 – THANKS!!! The weather has just hit us.

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