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General Update

I have been a very bad blogger!  Here are some updates. 

On Tuesday Mr OL and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary.  In some instances it has flown by and in others it seems as if we have always been together.   Mr OL took me out for dinner and by that I mean I told him he was taking me out, booked the restaurant and told him the time and place.  I kindly let him pay (the taking me out part).  I think he might have realized just how much being pregnant has made me go off meat.  His very carnivorous wife went to her favourite steakhouse and ordered the vegetarian platter.  It was actually very good. 

On Saturday I was feeling quite good so I went for my first run in a while.  Oh boy!!!  I did not realise just how quickly I would loose some of my fitness.  I intended on running 10km but settled for a very slow 7km.  It was good to be out again – but then the weather turned all nasty on me and I have not been out again.  This weekend I promise!! 

I posted the pictures of our 12 week scan.  It is actually the scan where they do the NT Test and some blood test to check to see if it is a high risk pregnancy with regards to Down’s syndrome and other chromosomal problems.  The scan looked good and the neck fold was 1.31mm which is considered good.  Anything under 3mm is good.  I am still waiting for the combined results and should get them on Monday afternoon or Tuesday.  I think after that I will calm down and enjoy this pregnancy a bit more.  I think because of my age I am a bit worried.  I will also be in my 2nd trimester from next week and I have heard that is better….  Not that I have been that sick or anything.  Just the occasional migraine and wave of nausea, but nothing compared to what some people go through. 

I did buy the first baby toy yesterday.  It is a fluffy sheep that snores.  I was in hysterics in the shop so had to get it.  Its tummy moves up and down as it snores as well.  My dogs are not so sure and Daisy started to growl at it.  We then “introduced” them and she just sat and stared at it.  Another funny thing that happened yesterday was that there was a baby crying on the TV.  Both my dogs jumped up and started staring at the TV.  They don’t usually pay much attention to the noises on the TV.  I rewound it and played it back to them.  After the 3rd time they got bored and ignored it.  It will be interesting to see how the react to a real baby.  I am sure that Duke will be all protective and Daisy will just want it to get a bit bigger so she could run around with it.  

Well – that’s all for now.  HOME TIME!!  And weekend.  Have a great one.


10 thoughts on “General Update

  1. They must know you’re pregnant! I’ve heard quite a few stories about pets’ reactions, even before the pregnancy is confirmed. Are you showing yet?

    My husband will be taking me out for my birthday soon… Same procedure! Happy anniversary.

  2. Good on you for running through your pregnancy! I found out I was (accidentally) pregnant when I was in the midst of training for the London marathon! I thought I had glandular fever, as I felt sooo awful!! Turns out, it was a baby! A honeymoon baby at that!
    Needless to say, the London marathon was shelved! Spin forward 5 years and add in 2 more babies…. and here I am, about to start training for my marathon again!
    Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary.

    and yes, let’s see your tummy please?? i love preggie tummies.

    I think coz you’re a runner you’ll be fine to continue running through the pregnancy. At least it will keep the weight off and you’ll stay slim and and not flabby.

  4. hanlie – I don’t know if they “know”. I have been trying to look at them and see if there has been any difference in their behaviour but can’t really see any. One of my friends male dogs started following her around even before she knew she was PG. But mine followed me around all the time anyway. Daisy has gotten more loving, but am not sure if coincided or not.

    Lynette – I am showing!! But I think going from 18 hours of exercise a week to basically nothing whilst still eating the same foods would do that. I am not going to post belly pics. I have realised I have personal space issues and complexes. Stupid I know.

    Damaria – thank you, I did.

    Kirsty – good luck with the training, keep us updated on how it goes. I was worried that I fell pregant while training for Ironman because we weren’t really doing anything to avoid it. Luckily our timing was excellent.

    Shayne – sorry – no preggie pics from me….

    Tricia – thank you.

    Emil – yes, it is fine to keep running through your entire pregnancy. They recommend stopping cycing on the roads but that is because your centre of gravity is off, and I know some cyclist who have continued through quite happily. I happily have stopped, although I did miss it this weekend.

    I think I might do a post on runnind and exercising during pregnancy. I have just read a very intersting book on it as I did not want to do anything that could harm the baby. Now I am confident that it is safe to continue.

  5. That post will be a great idea. I am sure many people, like me, are very uninformed about what can and can’t be done when pregnant. My wife kept on walking, but stopped running as she felt uncomfortable. Now she’s stopped running all together 😉

  6. Emil – done. I will have to see how I feel when I get to the uncomfortable stage. I think that is when most people stop running.

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