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NT Scan result back

We got the test results back from the NT Scan and blood tests!!! 

I now feel like I can officially celebrate.  I am out of the 1st trimester and the screening tests have all come back good.  They confirmed that I am only pregnant with one child (phew) and that the risk of Down’s is low.

If the rest of the pregnancy carries on like this and I will be a very happy girl. 

In other news I am feeling slightly envious of my friends as they are beginning to train for Ironman South Africa again, and the status up dates and stuff remind me of last year.  But then again, at least when I wake up it is light and has been for a while.  They are still struggling in the dark.  There are some benefits to not training for Ironman……

12 thoughts on “NT Scan result back

  1. fab news – its always such a relief to know that all is as well as can be! Your care-free days are over now, ‘cos as a Mom, you worry non stop!
    Oh – and enjoy , no – actually: RELISH those lie-in’s for the next 6 months or so….’cos they’re going to be a distant memory soon!!x-xx BUT – it’s all worth it x

  2. Lynette – don’t worry, that’s why I said only sligthly envious. The lie in’s are GOOD!!

    Damaria – so am I. May it continue for the next 6 months.

    Shayne – I am, it is so nice.

    Melody – uhm…. thanks? I know, I keep saying I am a moring person – I can just see that coming back to bite me on the $#@%

    Hanlie – thank you very much.

    Tricia – I know, I am getting really excited.

    Charisa – it is lovely, and with summer coming the days will just get longer. Can’t wait.

    Kirsty – hmmm, I am beginning to realise. Not even born yet and I am worrying!

    Emil – thanks.

  3. Good news! Yay!

    Hey… are you gonna be one of those people who post pictures of their belly as they get bigger?

    Cause I would love to see that… since I can’t see you in person : )

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