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The naming game

I have names on the brain.  Every time I hear I name I think about whether or not I like it.  Not as in on that person but as in “would I call my child that?”  I think I might be becoming obsessed. 

I have about 4 lists all over the place.  At some stage I am going to have collate them and maybe shorten it down to a top 5 or so. 

So….. any suggestions???  As long as you are not offended if I say NO WAY IN HELL!!! 

But here are my restrictions.  MR OL likes something a bit more conventional.  However his conventional and my conventional don’t seem to be the same.  

I like shorter names, probably because they are harder to shorten and I dislike shortening names.  For example my name is Pamela.  I DO NOT get called Pam.  Well I do, but I HATE it.  Especially when I first introduce myself and say “Hi my name is Pamela (and I am a …… jokes) and the person says “Hi Pam” URGH that freaks me out.  However most of the names I like can be shortened…. 

Also we don’t know what we are having so I am looking at boys and girls names.  My girls list is longer than my boys list at the moment.  I am really battling with boys names…. 

Here are my top 5 10 in each but this changes on a daily basis!!  And is in no particular order. 


Jonathan (yes, I know not short)
Matthew (uhmmm, as I said battling with boys)
Luke (but can’t call him this because we stupidly named our dog Duke)



Mira (Mr OL will NOT go with this one)
Kiera (or this one)
Sage (or this one)

Mr OL’s favourite girl’s name is Rachel, but I am not sure about it.  It is kind of growing on me…

Just as well that we have another 6 months to think about this.  I will probably be like my mom with my sister and only name her when she was about 6 weeks old.  Up until then she was “the baby”.