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The naming game

I have names on the brain.  Every time I hear I name I think about whether or not I like it.  Not as in on that person but as in “would I call my child that?”  I think I might be becoming obsessed. 

I have about 4 lists all over the place.  At some stage I am going to have collate them and maybe shorten it down to a top 5 or so. 

So….. any suggestions???  As long as you are not offended if I say NO WAY IN HELL!!! 

But here are my restrictions.  MR OL likes something a bit more conventional.  However his conventional and my conventional don’t seem to be the same.  

I like shorter names, probably because they are harder to shorten and I dislike shortening names.  For example my name is Pamela.  I DO NOT get called Pam.  Well I do, but I HATE it.  Especially when I first introduce myself and say “Hi my name is Pamela (and I am a …… jokes) and the person says “Hi Pam” URGH that freaks me out.  However most of the names I like can be shortened…. 

Also we don’t know what we are having so I am looking at boys and girls names.  My girls list is longer than my boys list at the moment.  I am really battling with boys names…. 

Here are my top 5 10 in each but this changes on a daily basis!!  And is in no particular order. 


Jonathan (yes, I know not short)
Matthew (uhmmm, as I said battling with boys)
Luke (but can’t call him this because we stupidly named our dog Duke)



Mira (Mr OL will NOT go with this one)
Kiera (or this one)
Sage (or this one)

Mr OL’s favourite girl’s name is Rachel, but I am not sure about it.  It is kind of growing on me…

Just as well that we have another 6 months to think about this.  I will probably be like my mom with my sister and only name her when she was about 6 weeks old.  Up until then she was “the baby”.


9 thoughts on “The naming game

  1. With due respect, you need something relatively short. Otherwise with his/her surname, you’ll be there all day everytime s/he is asked for his/her name.
    Also, Elle will not work as it will be confusing. “Elle L?” “LL?”

    Some suggestions for you:



    (Politics is the place to get good names).

    Luke is good and it’s simple enough – just get rid of the dog.

  2. ha, ha. I did not think of the (elle) LL. But then Luke would also be LL? And if we kept the dog and just shouted either of those name they might both come running (or both ignore us).

  3. Oh goodness, I won’t even go there! We often have the conversation and we never like the same names… We’re not even pregnant!

    You have plenty of time! Keep making lists and decide later.

  4. boys: max, oliver, aidan, ben
    Girls: gemma, emma, kate, molly.

    I love Olivia, one of my daughter’s names.

    And you will change your mind a hundred times before baby arrives.

    So stop stressing.

    Oh, Hannah is also lovely.

  5. Ha! This is the fun part…

    My favourites (and my kids names are among these)

    Girls: Ella, Rachel, Faith, Hope, Kate, Tatia (pronounced Tasha) Meghan, Ruby

    Boys: Levi, Ryan, Isaiah, Jude, Kaleb, Mitchell, Benjamin, Jacob

    I named all my kids in utero at about 26wks but most people I know what to see what their babies ‘look like’. I never have understood that concept as all babies look kinda startled and squidgy anyway. Its not like they come out looking like a Maureen or Rodger!!!

  6. My boy is Josh and my little princess is Isabel.

    When we found out we were having a girl, we liked Emma, Olivia and Isabel.

    We also liked Oliver for a boy.

    Our choices were also looked at because in Australia, everyone gets their name shortened! Even Isabel becomes Isi, Belle or Bella!

  7. Ah names!!
    Both my boys have short names (Ryan and Luke) I like short names for boys – it seems strong! (Dunno why) And no shortening!
    My daughter is Emily. We couldn’t decide between Emily or Charlotte. (her 2nd name is charlotte) If I had another girl, I would call her Genevieve.
    I also like Ashleigh (for boy or girl), Kyle (boy), Grace and Summer (girl)!!!!

  8. Hanlie – we also started before I got pregnant but it has not helped.

    Shayne – nice names. Unfortunately my cat is Miss Molly so that won’t work.

    Melody – Mr OL will like you! He is still insisting on Rachel.

    Lynette – thanks, and yes at least time is on my side.

    Del – both of your kids names are high on my list. Mr OL has vetoed both Oliver and Olivia (apparently a name of an ex…..)

    Kirsty – your kids have very nice names. I had not though of Charlotte.

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