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A happy ending!

Last nights antenatal classes were ok.  I think that with the modern age of Google, magazines and stuff we know way more than people used to. There was not much said that I did not already know.  But it was nice to meet other people and I am sure as the classes progress it will teach me something, especially the more practical stuff.  With that I have NO idea! 

What happened after the class was a lot more interesting!  I was driving along when this dog wondered out in front of me.  Luckily I managed to break and avoid it.  I thought it was a Border Collie type dog as it had that colouring but looked a bit on the heavy side.  The car behind me also managed to avoid it.  I drove along for a bit, then did a U-turn to see if I could go and find it.  It was wondering along the side of the road, so I pulled over, opened my car door.  It wondered over to me and put both its front paws on the chair of my car and looked at me.  Uhmm, get in you lazy lump.  Nope it was not budging.  I had to heave the dog into my car.  I am always a bit nervous about grabbing stray dogs or picking them up but he seemed friendly enough.  He was really cute and looked like a Bearded Collie from up close – with whiskers! 

But, now what do I do.  I have two dogs and two cats at home – none of which like stray or strange animals and it is 10 o’ clock at night!  Luckily the dog had a collar on with an Animal Welfare tag.  I took the dog home and put it in my garage and called their emergency number.  They were able to give me the owners contact details so I phoned them. They were overjoyed and came round right away to come and pick him up.  They were an elderly couple who had, had workmen at their home earlier that afternoon and think the dog must have slipped out then.  They all seemed very happy to be reunited.  I asked and he was a Bearded Collie – his name was Laddie.

I hope if my dogs or cats every go missing that somebody finds them and is able to get them back to me too.


A Bearded Collie
A Bearded Collie

Laddie was a bit older and scragglier than this one, but just as cute and smiley looking with a very waggy tail.

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Antenatal Classes

We are going to our first Antenatal class today!  I don’t know whether to be excited or nervous. 

I know it is quite early (I am only 19 weeks), but apparently they don’t’ run over December / January, so it is basically now or never. 

It was quite a battle to get Mr OL to agree to this……  But he was basically not given a choice.  I am going to be chuckling away to myself because I think he is going to be rather uncomfortable – talk about being surrounded by pregnant woman.  Poor man!   EDITED TO ADD:  Turns out he is off the hook for tonight.  Tonight it is mom’s only.  He will have to join from next week though.

He has redeemed himself for last weeks “slip up”.  It took a while, but this morning I got breakfast in bed.  We have been together for nearly 3 years and this was the first time I have received breakfast in bed.  And it was a week day! Wow, very impressed and all is forgiven.

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What not to wear…(or say)

So what can my project or task be for this weekend?? 

I think number one on my priority list is to try and refrain from killing my insensitive husband.  As my sister keeps reminding me “Boys are stupid”! 

I knew before we got married that he did not find pregnant woman particularly attractive, but did not need reminded at 4.5 months pregnant. 

I was preparing to go out on Wednesday night with some of my girlfriends; I had done my hair, put makeup on and generally thought I looked pretty good.  He then said that it was about time I stopped wearing tight clothes because you could see I was pregnant and it was decidedly unattractive. 

Now as you all know I have a bit of a complex about my tummy and the way I look at the moment (hence no photo’s) so this is not the best thing to say to me – or any pregnant woman I would assume.  He could see that it obviously upset me and so said “So what, are you now cross with me?” 

Uhmmmm…….  Cross had not yet come into it, in shock at that time might be more appropriate. Cross came later – and has stayed around. 

So I will probably delete this post later.  I don’t like writing about Mr OL as I feel he deserves his privacy – but I AM MAD!!! 

6000 – in one of your comments you said that maternity clothing was a very good contraception but that Mr OL probably would not tell me that at this moment.  I did not think I would ever say this, but you could you please come and teach him about stuff not to say to pregnant woman?  He clearly has a lot to learn.

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Mary, Mary quite contrary….

It is funny how little you actually “speak” to the people you live with – or maybe that is just me. 

This morning Mr OL and I were having a conversation.  Not the best timing I must admit, as we were both rushing to get ready for work, but sometimes it is not about the time and more about what is said. 

I started talking about a conversation I had had with one of my co-workers the previous day.  It was about work (odd) and what it was if given the opportunity we would really love to do.  In other words were do our passions lie.  

As I was telling Mr OL what I had said, he just started laughing and said that he had, had the same conversation with somebody yesterday and that both of us had said the same thing.  I knew there was some reason we got married. 

Now, we have discussed this before and we both know that the other would like to pursue this, but we have never really discussed it in detail.  We have never said “We ARE going to do this.”  Now why not?  I have even written on my blog that it is what I want to do. 

I want a small holding.  I want to grow organic veggies, herbs have a simple restaurant or café and possible a farmers market held on the property for like minded individual.  I could extend my worm farm (yes they are still thriving).  I have thought about it, spoken about it and dreamt about it. Why have I done nothing about it? 

I am sure there must be a way to make this dream possible!  If Mr OL and I actually sit down and think this thing through together we could make it happen!  So that is my task for the rest of this year – Hanlie had a 100 challenge (100 days left in 2009 – and yes I know a bit late but still)!  So, I have now less than 100 days to take this and make it a possibility.  Even if it means living in town and buying a plot of land with no residence on it for now…. Who knows, watch this space….. 


For now I am going to extend my veggie garden

Who would like to guess whether I was having a good or bad day at work yesterday?

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Weekend Project

Look what I got up to this weekend.



Stage 1
Stage 1


And finally!
And finally!



I found a picture of a similar tree on the internet and decided to try and paint it on our wall.  I thought it came out pretty well.

I drew it free hand, then did the lighter shade in 2 coats and then the dark brown around that (and around the rest of the room). 

I love the colour, and with the white in the rest of the room I think it will look great.  We are not going to be buying the furniture for another 2 months or so, so it will be a while before I see the final product, but I am happy so far.

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General Update

I have been trying to decide on how to do out the nursery.  But I keep changing my mind.  I find one thing I like, look at all the options.  Then see something someone else has done and think that might be better.  Yes, I know.  Such a girl thing to do – change my mind!  But I am pregnant so give me a break. 

Talking about being pregnant!  I must now actually look pregnant as I had my first comment from a random stranger yesterday. (and NO, I am still not going to post tummy pictures). 

Tonight I go to my first yoga class for pregnant woman.  I am quite nervous.  I am not good at stuff like that at the best of times so doubt I will any better now.  Hopefully the class is small – or really big so I can hide at the back….. 

Back to the nursery – at the moment my choice is brown, white and lime green with frogs as a theme.  We don’t know what we are having so it needs to be unisex.  We have ripped up the carpets and have been very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the floor boards beneath.  They are BEAUTIFUL!  In fact in much better condition than the rest of the house.  The carpets must have been protecting them for the past 40 years.  Mr OL and I have also prepared the walls to paint.  So now all we need to do is buy the paint.  This is the part I enjoy!!!  The walls will be brown, the furniture and cupboards and curtains white and the accents lime green.

Here is a link to some brown rooms so you can get an idea  of what I am talking about.

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Maternity Clothes!

So I bought my first maternity wear today – yikes!!! 

Not one to enjoy shopping at the best of times this is scaring the #$!@ out of me.  But desperate times call for desperate measures and not many of my pants are still fitting me.  Or if they do they are getting slightly uncomfortable.  I can’t say that the selection out there is that great.  And if they are half way decent they are horrendously expensive – especially if you consider for how short a time period you are actually going to be wearing the stuff.

Of course my first purchase had to be a pair of jeans.  I think work clothes might have been more necessary though.  Oh well – next week!!!

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Part fish!

So I actually went swimming last night – and it was fantastic.  I did about 780m, but felt like I could have carried on for ages.  I did not want to push it first time back in the pool after a while though. 

After my post yesterday my sister phoned me from the UK to tell me to get my butt in gear and into the pool.  After that kind of motivation there was no way I could not go. 

I am really glad I did!  I had forgotten just how much I loved it. 

Infact I am quite looking forward to next week.  I want to swim more regularly and am going to start yoga for pregnant woman.  Maybe what I need to do is write out a program, with which days I plan on doing what – almost as if I was training for something!  I think that might work. 

Happy Weekend to everyone!!!

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Need motivation

I am trying to motivate myself to go for a swim after work!  I have not been in so long, I find it very difficult if I don’t have a goal in mind.  Something like Ironman where I have a program that I stick to and an outcome!  I battle just to get in the pool and swim (or run for that matter).  Not that I don’t like it.  I really do, but I need that motivation. 

Just saying it will be good for the baby or I will retain my fitness better is not enough, although maybe for now it is going to have to be!  Urgh!!!!  Positive thoughts.  

I love swimming, I love swimming, I love swimming. 

One thing to motivate me is that the Ocean Race Series starts again next month and I would atleast like to be able to do the shorter swims.  One slight problem is that I only really like swimming in the sea in my wetsuit, and well…… I don’t think it is going to fit!