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Happy Spring Day!

Today I am very relieved!  Not because it is Spring Day as it may as well still be winter – it is freezing and windy and not very pleasant, but because I don’t have chicken pox. 

I think some of you know that I volunteer at a children’s home in town through my work. Well a couple of weeks ago it was my turn to go and help with homework.  I enjoy going there so no problem.  It was fun and although I noticed that a couple of the girls were not there I did not ask.  Sometimes they have extra mural activities that keep them away.  I went back on Friday as we drop of cake and balloons on each of the girls in our cottage’s birthdays.  I saw the girls that I had not seen on the Wednesday and asked why they were not at school.  I was told that they were sick so asked what was wrong. Chicken Pox!  I RAN out of there rather quickly.  The house mother just laughed and did not seem that concerned.  

Needless to say I was upset (to say the least).  I went back and researched Chicken pox and pregnancy and it was not good. The worst time to get it is before 20 weeks (me).  The only good thing was that I recall having it as a child so should be immune.  The incubation period is 9 – 14 days and in this time every itch I feel I double check.  Thankfully my immune system seems to be functioning just fine and neither I nor the girl I was with on the Wednesday contracted it. 

I the home a letter and have asked that in the future if any of the girls have any contagious or childhood diseases that we be informed.  Not only because I am pregnant but we are a very small company and with less than 10 people working in this office if something like that goes around and 2 or more people are off for a week or so it could be devastating. 

At least for now, that worry is over.  Now bring on Spring!!!


6 thoughts on “Happy Spring Day!

  1. Did you not have chicken pox as a child? If you did, then you’re quite safe.
    If you don’t know, then you can have a simple and quick blood test to see if you are immune.

    One point – if you DO start developing symptoms, then it’s hugely important that you get in touch with your doc(Gynae) as soon as possible, BUT BY PHONE!
    If you go down to his rooms, the chances are that there will be other pregnant women there – and you don’t want to infect them too.

  2. That’s scary!! I’m glad you and baby are okay! They definitely need to have a policy about notifying people if a contagious disease is going around. It bothers me that the house mother just kind of blew off your concern. That’s not right!

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