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I think I am in love

I think I am in love…… with my chiropractor.  I have mentioned it before but that man might just be a genius. 

After my happiness at not getting chicken pox I ended up in bed for 2 days because of my back.  Who knows what the heck I did.  I was shaving my legs in the shower when it felt like somebody stabbed me in the back!  I did not know what was happening and in a combination of fear and pain I burst into tears. 

I made an emergency trip to the doctor thinking it might be my kidneys or something else terrible (baby).  Luckily  he told me it was just my back and it was in a spasm…..  I crawled back into bed and stayed there for 2 days.  I could not get an appointment to see the chiropractor till Friday but was put on the waiting list.  

My back was so bad I could not even lie or sit on the couch and watch TV.  Bed was the only comfortable place. 

Thankfully after it is now sorted out!!  A few jabs from some deep needling and a realignment have made me a much happier girl.  I don’t want that to happen again.


11 thoughts on “I think I am in love

  1. oh man, nothing like painful back….I had a few moments in my pregnancies. thing is all the ligaments get loose in prep for baby. My sacro iliac was a total menace all 3 pregnancies! glad you doing good; glad you got a good chiro!

  2. why don’t you go for monthly sessions with him. just to make sure nothing else spasm’s. i struggled too for same reason as mel – very common in pregnancies so don’t panic.

  3. We all wondered what happened to you…and whether the dreaded chicken pox got you. So glad your back is sorted…I might just ask you the name of this genius as I am in serious need of some work on my neck.

  4. glad it’s feeling better. Just a word of caution on manipulations whilst pregnant…. be careful!!! Your relaxin (hormone) levels are verrrry high during pregnancy, and as such you are very easy to over correct i.t.o alignment. You will pay the price years later.
    Don’t even consider monthly sessions whilst pregnant, unless it’s for soft tissue massage only.
    AND – also a word of caution on the acupuncture too, whilst preggers. Not all points are safe during pregnancy. Again – just needle directly into the spasm.

  5. Hi – thanks all.

    My chiro’s name is Dr James Vlok – he works from the Russel Hill Chiropractic Centre – Main Road Walmer. I can HIGHLY recommend him.

    He does not recommend monthly sessions but does suggest that I come back once just before starting my 3rd Trimester. He says after that if any problems crop up they are very difficult to sort out.

    He also cautioned me about the acupunture thing and said the points he was doing were safe but others were not, especially the ankles and pinkie toe on each foot and should be avoided even for massage.

    I trust him and he treats alot of pregnant woman – including his wife who is pregnant with their 2nd child and is about 15 weeks.

  6. Glad you’re feeling better… having a bad back is the worst! The yoga should be good for that, too, as well as the swimming.

    And Hanlie, who said it could have been Norman Bates… well, that made me laugh out loud. Good one!

    But glad it wasn’t Norman. : )

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