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Food, glorious food!

PE is sadly lacking in decent Farmer’s Markets!  We have a couple but nothing worth a repeat visit. 

This weekend somebody tried to change that by holding what was called a Wholesome Market.  I believe the plan was to extend it beyond food to include other “green” or wholesome products from home ware to whatever.  Click here for their Facebook page and an article about it. 

We decided we had better head there early, a combination of wanting to see everything, avoid the crowds and get back in time for the rugby).  Well I was VERY glad we did.  It was packed!  I have never seen PE people flock to something new like they did to this!  There were almost too many people, although I am sure the organizers and stall holders are not complaining. 

And so, was it worth it and will I be back.  Well yes and yes. 

I suppose my only criticism was the lack of food stalls.  I LOVE Farmer’s markets and I love food.  I want to see the growers and producers of the products.  I am sure there must be some people around here that actually grown good if not organic produce?  Maybe not?  However, the food stands that were there were GOOD.  So good, in fact, that we spent way more than we bargained on.  The problem was that most of the food stalls were actually shops in town, so if I want their products then I could go there at any time (and do). 

I did not look at much of the other stuff.  I am not a “craft’s” type of person.  We walked through and stopped if something caught our eye but otherwise passed most of it by.  Also though they said they did not want it to be a “flea market” that was the feel I got. 

It is going to be held monthly, so I will go back again.  I am very impressed that somebody has taken the bull by the horns and started this.  Congratulations to them.

4 thoughts on “Food, glorious food!

  1. Oh lucky you!

    I’m also not a crafts person – I want to see fresh, wholesome, locally grown and preferably organic produce! Unfortunately there is nothing like that in my area… Some in the Southern Suburbs, but it’s a schlep to go there.

  2. Thank you so much for your comments. Did a search today on ourselves and found this blog. Not sure if you know, but the market has moved to Holmeleigh Farm and our first market there was on the 7th November. It was an enormous success with the public flocking, once again, to our gates. Our food stalls have improved greatly, so we would love for you to attend the next one on 5th and 6th December and write a follow up blog. Thanks again and we hope to see you at the market.

    1. Glad you found my blog. It is always interesting to hear how peple find it.

      As I said in my blog, PE was very sadly lacking in a good Farmers Market so I am VERY happy you have started this. I have now been to every one and have added it to my calender for December already. It is in big bold letter on the chalk board in my kitchen.

      I agree that the food stalls have improved, and the ones with the lettuce, herbs and veggies is great. I don’t know if it wasn’t at the first one or if I just missed it. For the past two I have headed straight there.

      Good luck, it is a great idea.

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