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Need motivation

I am trying to motivate myself to go for a swim after work!  I have not been in so long, I find it very difficult if I don’t have a goal in mind.  Something like Ironman where I have a program that I stick to and an outcome!  I battle just to get in the pool and swim (or run for that matter).  Not that I don’t like it.  I really do, but I need that motivation. 

Just saying it will be good for the baby or I will retain my fitness better is not enough, although maybe for now it is going to have to be!  Urgh!!!!  Positive thoughts.  

I love swimming, I love swimming, I love swimming. 

One thing to motivate me is that the Ocean Race Series starts again next month and I would atleast like to be able to do the shorter swims.  One slight problem is that I only really like swimming in the sea in my wetsuit, and well…… I don’t think it is going to fit!


2 thoughts on “Need motivation

  1. Ha,ha – great idea. somebody else suggested I cut a circle for my tummy to fit though. Not sure what I would do after I had the baby with a huge hole in the front of my wetsuit though. I might just have to toughen up and swim in the cold water.

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