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Maternity Clothes!

So I bought my first maternity wear today – yikes!!! 

Not one to enjoy shopping at the best of times this is scaring the #$!@ out of me.  But desperate times call for desperate measures and not many of my pants are still fitting me.  Or if they do they are getting slightly uncomfortable.  I can’t say that the selection out there is that great.  And if they are half way decent they are horrendously expensive – especially if you consider for how short a time period you are actually going to be wearing the stuff.

Of course my first purchase had to be a pair of jeans.  I think work clothes might have been more necessary though.  Oh well – next week!!!


10 thoughts on “Maternity Clothes!

  1. You get some beautiful clothes and can look gorgeous right to the end. I saw the most beautiful dress at Truworths and nearly bought it until I saw it was maternity wear. Even if it costs a lot you deserve to look and feel great:)

  2. Lynette is right. Truworths have gorgeous things. I saw some pretty tops @ Woolies too.

    I just think that even tho you wear them for such a short time, it is one time in your life where you often feel fat and miz, and if you have to spend a little more to feel beautiful, so be it.

  3. Big milestone, buying maternity clothes. Woolies also has some nice shirts I was surprised when I realised were part of maternity range. Enjoy your shopping next week, and I hope you don’t have to bleed too much cash.

  4. Wow- that must be hard having to shop know you’ll only get a few months out of them. Maybe you could just keep having more kids so you can wear them more. 🙂 Ok, maybe not such a good idea……. Keep going to the pool- the baby probably loves it!

  5. Ironically, (and I’m sure Mr OL will back me up on this) (albeit only when it’s safe to do so), maternity wear is the best form of contraceptive known to humankind.

  6. Lynette – yes, I agree that Truworths has some nice clothes. But I won’t pay that price for clothes at the best of times. I would not feel good wearing it knowing how much it cost.

    Hanlie – My mom also sews – wait a minute. I sew!!! Maybe I should be getting out my sewing machine….

    Imsonotablogger – I might deserve it but still can’t bring myself to pay that.

    Shayne – unfortunately spending money depresses me, so buying nice clothes will only make me feel worse. I know – so not a girl thing.

    DS – I did see one shirt at Woolies that I liked and at a reasonable price, but they did not have my size. I have ordered it, so we will see when it gets here.

    Hayley – I am sure you will be wondering down that aisle soon.

    6000 – he finds me hot no matter what I am wearing. Actually, hangon that might expain a few things….. DRAT!!!

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