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Part fish!

So I actually went swimming last night – and it was fantastic.  I did about 780m, but felt like I could have carried on for ages.  I did not want to push it first time back in the pool after a while though. 

After my post yesterday my sister phoned me from the UK to tell me to get my butt in gear and into the pool.  After that kind of motivation there was no way I could not go. 

I am really glad I did!  I had forgotten just how much I loved it. 

Infact I am quite looking forward to next week.  I want to swim more regularly and am going to start yoga for pregnant woman.  Maybe what I need to do is write out a program, with which days I plan on doing what – almost as if I was training for something!  I think that might work. 

Happy Weekend to everyone!!!


2 thoughts on “Part fish!

  1. Ahem, you are training for something. It’s called “birth”. By all accounts it’s physically very tough.

    I think a workout schedule is just what you need!

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