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General Update

I have been trying to decide on how to do out the nursery.  But I keep changing my mind.  I find one thing I like, look at all the options.  Then see something someone else has done and think that might be better.  Yes, I know.  Such a girl thing to do – change my mind!  But I am pregnant so give me a break. 

Talking about being pregnant!  I must now actually look pregnant as I had my first comment from a random stranger yesterday. (and NO, I am still not going to post tummy pictures). 

Tonight I go to my first yoga class for pregnant woman.  I am quite nervous.  I am not good at stuff like that at the best of times so doubt I will any better now.  Hopefully the class is small – or really big so I can hide at the back….. 

Back to the nursery – at the moment my choice is brown, white and lime green with frogs as a theme.  We don’t know what we are having so it needs to be unisex.  We have ripped up the carpets and have been very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the floor boards beneath.  They are BEAUTIFUL!  In fact in much better condition than the rest of the house.  The carpets must have been protecting them for the past 40 years.  Mr OL and I have also prepared the walls to paint.  So now all we need to do is buy the paint.  This is the part I enjoy!!!  The walls will be brown, the furniture and cupboards and curtains white and the accents lime green.

Here is a link to some brown rooms so you can get an idea  of what I am talking about.


13 thoughts on “General Update

  1. The rooms look lovely. I was a bit skeptical about brown walls [as I never used it on walls] but i love the way it works in the rooms from the link. It looks like it’s going to be a lovely nursery.

  2. Such cute baby rooms!!! Loved that link. No wonder it’s hard to make up your mind… they’re all so cute.

    Can’t wait to see the finished product…. the room and the baby 🙂

  3. DS – I have brown on one of the walls in my lounge, but not as dark and it is the suede paint. I would never have thought of using it as a flat colour. One of my friends did their nursery in it and it looks stunning. She says she does not mind if I copy her. I am not sure if I would have had the courage had I not seen hers first.

    Melody – I would never have thought there was so much to think about. But the more I get into it the more I realise I don’t know (probably the same as with anything else)

    Lynette – I should have started taking pictures before we even ripped up the carpets and done a before and after.

    Jennifer – I also can’t wait to see the room and the baby. I keep wondering who he/she will take after. Not that I mind either way. And NO tummy shots. I did not like my tummy before and it has not changed.

    Hanlie – thank you.

  4. Gorgeous Ideas. Have fun with what you decide to go with. Neutrals are eaiser because if you get bored you can change the bedding/curtains whatever without too much fuss.

    i bought some gorgeous beige & white storage boxes from Mr Price home yest. In the babies dept. They’d be perfect for storing bum cream/aqueous cream/cotton wool, wipes etc on your change table. i’m going ot post a pic on my blog in the next couple of days so have a squizz.

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