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Weekend Project

Look what I got up to this weekend.



Stage 1
Stage 1


And finally!
And finally!



I found a picture of a similar tree on the internet and decided to try and paint it on our wall.  I thought it came out pretty well.

I drew it free hand, then did the lighter shade in 2 coats and then the dark brown around that (and around the rest of the room). 

I love the colour, and with the white in the rest of the room I think it will look great.  We are not going to be buying the furniture for another 2 months or so, so it will be a while before I see the final product, but I am happy so far.

9 thoughts on “Weekend Project

  1. Hanlie – thanks, and yes it does help. But I still need something to copy. I really envy people that can draw stuff out of their heads.

    Lynette – not as much as I would like. That is one of the reasons why I chose this tree and not something more complicted or with thinner lines. They would have been a bit too squiggily for my liking.

    6000 – a bird, no a plane…

    Melody – thanks, I will post pics as soon as it is done. (in a few months though)

    Kirsty – sure!

    Firefly – Thank you.

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