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Mary, Mary quite contrary….

It is funny how little you actually “speak” to the people you live with – or maybe that is just me. 

This morning Mr OL and I were having a conversation.  Not the best timing I must admit, as we were both rushing to get ready for work, but sometimes it is not about the time and more about what is said. 

I started talking about a conversation I had had with one of my co-workers the previous day.  It was about work (odd) and what it was if given the opportunity we would really love to do.  In other words were do our passions lie.  

As I was telling Mr OL what I had said, he just started laughing and said that he had, had the same conversation with somebody yesterday and that both of us had said the same thing.  I knew there was some reason we got married. 

Now, we have discussed this before and we both know that the other would like to pursue this, but we have never really discussed it in detail.  We have never said “We ARE going to do this.”  Now why not?  I have even written on my blog that it is what I want to do. 

I want a small holding.  I want to grow organic veggies, herbs have a simple restaurant or café and possible a farmers market held on the property for like minded individual.  I could extend my worm farm (yes they are still thriving).  I have thought about it, spoken about it and dreamt about it. Why have I done nothing about it? 

I am sure there must be a way to make this dream possible!  If Mr OL and I actually sit down and think this thing through together we could make it happen!  So that is my task for the rest of this year – Hanlie had a 100 challenge (100 days left in 2009 – and yes I know a bit late but still)!  So, I have now less than 100 days to take this and make it a possibility.  Even if it means living in town and buying a plot of land with no residence on it for now…. Who knows, watch this space….. 


For now I am going to extend my veggie garden

Who would like to guess whether I was having a good or bad day at work yesterday?


6 thoughts on “Mary, Mary quite contrary….

  1. ha-ha…guess you were having a bad day 🙂

    Well the good thing is at least your have the same plans/ideas…now its just about getting it going…i thnk you should just do it 🙂

  2. Lynette – thanks. It seems that is all we are thinking alike about. He went and ruined it all that evening and once again made me wonder why on earth I had married him. Luckily today I remember again.

    Hayley – Yip, bad day. I am definintly going to try.

    Charisa – for now I will just envy your garden!! Hopefully I can get mine to resemble it.

    Firefly – yes, bad day. and thank you

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