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Antenatal Classes

We are going to our first Antenatal class today!  I don’t know whether to be excited or nervous. 

I know it is quite early (I am only 19 weeks), but apparently they don’t’ run over December / January, so it is basically now or never. 

It was quite a battle to get Mr OL to agree to this……  But he was basically not given a choice.  I am going to be chuckling away to myself because I think he is going to be rather uncomfortable – talk about being surrounded by pregnant woman.  Poor man!   EDITED TO ADD:  Turns out he is off the hook for tonight.  Tonight it is mom’s only.  He will have to join from next week though.

He has redeemed himself for last weeks “slip up”.  It took a while, but this morning I got breakfast in bed.  We have been together for nearly 3 years and this was the first time I have received breakfast in bed.  And it was a week day! Wow, very impressed and all is forgiven.

5 thoughts on “Antenatal Classes

  1. Am sure he is VERY sorry now for his overflowing mouth! Glad he is spoiling you.

    I hated antenatal classes. The only one I missed though was the breast feeding one which proved to be the most problematic of all!!

  2. I only missed one of those classes! Loved them! I did help with the confidence once the little lad was there. The bath-class was the best – I could bath my son the first night he was home, even though he screamed his lungs out and almost got me to never bath him again 😉

    But the next day, all was well! Tell Mr OL it is worth every second.

  3. Tricia – I know – yum!

    Melody – I am going to try and go to them all. At least there are only 6 and 1 is already completed.

    Emil – His friends have also tried convincing him it is worth while. I am sure he is just putting up a show of not wanting to go……

    6000 – lets not even go there!

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